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ok i think that vitani's parents is Scar and Nala please don't get angry personally i don't like Scar and Nala together but it would make seance. Hear is what think what happened in the first draft simba was going to be a teen when he left so Nala would have been as well also Nala was meant to have a little brother Mheetu well when Scar was king he could of bribed nala to mate with him saying that he wouldn't kill him.

That's my my first reason my секунда reason is that vitani looks еще like nala then zira color wise fur, eye and nose color.

so what do Ты think
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Jimmy Cliff - Lebo M - Hakuna Matata. Музыка by Elton John, Lyrics by Tim Rice.
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Hakuna Matata in Finnish.