Chapter 8: Thursday: The Rebellion

Marissa laid sprawled out with Volchek on his mattress when there was a knock on the door. Volchek sat up lazily and glanced in the general direction of where the knock had come from as Marissa began to stir from her sleep beside him.

“Yo Volchek!” the voice yelled through the door.

Volchek got up, running a hand over his head and opened the door. Revealing a group of dingy looking guys, holding a couple packs of пиво and cigarettes.

“What’s she doing here?” one guy asked

“Sleeping.” Volchek replied with a grin.

Marissa sat up and looked around the room, rubbing her nose and forehead as she stood up. Her eye shifted as she spoke.

“Actually, I was just leaving.”

“What? You’re not staying for the party? That’s a shame, I thought maybe Ты and I could have a little fun.” one of the sleezbags laughed

“Hey, shut up. Leave her alone.” Volchek сказал(-а) as he took a пиво from one of his friends.

“See ya Volchek.” Marissa сказал(-а) as she opened the front door.

“Later.” he yelled back to Marissa as she walked out to her car.

“Hey Volchek, doesn’t that Marissa chick usually call Ты Kevin?” the sleezbag asked

“So, what of it?” Volchek сказал(-а) as he took a swig from his beer.

“Don’t Ты find it odd, that she called Ты by your last name?”


“Well didn’t that other slut Ты used to hang around with start calling Ты Volchek right before she dumped your ass?”

Volchek looked down at the swirling contents of his пиво bottle before he spoke.
“Whatever man, I don’t care.” Volchek сказал(-а) before he downed the entire bottle.

Marissa got behind the wheel of her car and drove off. Grabbing her кошелек from the passenger side and rummaging through it for her cell phone, she saw that it was already 1:30.

“I’m late again,” Marissa mumbled as she turned onto the highway, dialing on her cell as she went.

“The Bait Shop, manager speaking.” came the voice of Alex Kelly.

“Hey.” Marissa smiled



“What’s up?”

“I just got out of Volchek’s place, want to go grab something to eat?”

“Oh...I can’t, I have to work.”

“For how long?”

“Only until 2.”

“So ужин at 2?”
“Sounds great, but don’t Ты have school?”

“Well let’s see, senior year...nothing left to learn, really.”

“What about your mom?”

“So what about her?” Marissa laughed as she took the Далее exit.

“Okay, see ya at 2.”

“Yep, bye.” Marissa grinned as she hung up.