Ryan and Seth are brothers according to O.c series.Seth is is the Biological son while Ryan is the adopted one but what are similarities and differences Similarities 1 They are both males 2 They Любовь their chicks 3 They keep entering girl drama issues 4 They Любовь to hang out 5 They both have the nack for trouble 6 They both Любовь their family 7 They both Любовь playing computer games Enough of the similarities let's check out the differences Differences 1 They don't have the same genetic make up 2 Seth as lived in O.C all his life while Ryan grew up in чино 3 Seth lived in the main house while Ryan lives in the pool house 4 Seth enters еще female drama compared to Ryan 5 Seth as never gone to jail 6 Seth doesn't have a brother in jail 7 Seth loves sailing еще compared to Ryan 8 Seth is еще funny 9 Ryan alway wears his рубашка unbottoned Показ off his underwear while Seth is always buttoned up 10 Ryan wears a hand band while Seth doesn't 11 Ryan pulls up his рубашка from wrist to ankle while Ryan doesn't This is so compelling because no matter their differences they'll always stand up for each other and they fit in into anything . Ты will not even know there is no genetic connection and they really look like brother since the Dad and Mum have Brunette hair AND Blonde hair respectively