♥Seth: So what's the GP,RA?

Seth: I didn't know they had Мюзиклы in Chino. I didn't even know they had dancing или laughter.

Seth: Over-exposure, its a major Источник of conflict in a relationship. Summerith, Sethimer? Ты understand what I'm saying?
Ryan: No no, but that's normal.

Seth: What happens in Mexico stays in Mexico.
Ryan: What happens in Mexico?
Seth: I don't know because it stays there! That's why we must go.

Summer: Besides, Marissa is happy now.
Seth: And by happy Ты mean gay.

Seth: Alright, I'm gonna go make magic happen. I feel like my hair's working for me tonight.

Seth: Hold up, Ты guys. One second, please. Let's not have one speed bump derail the whole train, okay? Let's not throw the baby out with the bath water. Let's not…Let's make some еще metaphors!

Seth: Speaking from a Последнее personal experience the треугольник is not a friendly shape, okay? It's pointy, it's got sharp edges. Triangles hurt people.
In fact, Eddie would actually make this romantic треугольник еще of a romantic…rhombus.

Seth: So when Ты Остаться в живых your virginity, I was playing Magic the Gathering.

Seth: Everyone knows 80 is the new 75.

Summer: Don't Ты know what a level is?
Seth: Yeah, it's something Ты advance to in a video game.

Seth: It's just a little bit blurry. Summer poked me in it with her big toe.

Seth: I don't know man, it was an accident, there were limbs everywhere, I'm lucky I can still see.

Seth: The звезда Wars convention? I'm sorry. Her вверх was off. Ты couldn't have at least сказал(-а) X-Men for me?

Summer: I am positive that I am leaving this place with a rash.
Seth: Oh, so you're planning on making some extra money tonight?

Seth: Ты know what I like about rich kids? Bam, nothing. Hey, Ryan, Ты wouldn't consider me rich, would you? I'd be еще upper middle class?

Seth: It's pronounced Tee-ch-uana. God, Mom, Ты are so white.

Seth: No, Mom, he's in, like, a Zen concentration mode.
Kirsten: Well, he has to eat.
Seth: He's naked!

Seth: Oh, also, that wasn't exactly the way that I first planned to talk to Summer…but I'm now on her radar. Do Ты think I should tell her about Tahiti? Do you?
Ryan: Not yet.
Seth: That's what I was thinking. I wanted to make sure we were on the same page.♥