1. Ryan - Ryan is basically like a bad boy with a heart. At first, I thought he would betray the Cohens или somthing like that, but it turned out he he was really looking out for them. I Любовь him.

2. Summer - Okay, Ты just have to Любовь Summer. She's funny, pretty, a good friend, and perfect for Seth. We all be lucky if she was our sister in my opinion.

3. Seth - Seth is adorable, funny, and sarcastic.
Does much еще need to be said?

4. Sandy - I don't really know why, but I Любовь Sandy. He is my favroite parent on the OC. If it wasn't for him, we wouldnt have gotten to know Ryan.

5. Marissa - I know a lot of people don't like Marissa becasue she stole, took drugs, and drank, but I like her. Sure she made a lot of mistakes in her life, but she was a good girl at heart.

6. Julie - As much as I hated Julie in season 1, I grew to Любовь her. She prove to be a really good person. And besiede's, she SO funny.

7. Anna - Anna is one of the reason's one of our Избранное couple(Seth and Summer) got together in the first place. She always help Seth, even after they broke up.

8. Kirsten - Kirsten is probaly one of the best mothers ever. I did get annoyed with her in season 2 but everybody makes mistakes right? She(along with Sandy) treated Ryan like her own son.

9. Jimmy - I was upset when he only became a supporting character. I really loved him with Julie. So sad when he left in season 3.

10. Kaitlin - Aw, mini Cooper. Anyway I Любовь Kaitlin. So happy when she became a main charcater in season 4.

That's it. Leave a Комментарий and tell me what Ты think!