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 Dwight as Hannibal Lecter
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dwight cuts face off of cpr doll
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This Офис фото contains деловой костюм, костюм, and костюм одежды. There might also be костюм тройка, три костюм, двубортный костюм, две части, два куска костюм, костюм салон, двухкомпонентный, двухкомпонентный костюм, костюм для отдыха, два куска, два костюм, and костюм лаундж.

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I totally forgot about this one. Andy sings 'Rainbow Connection' and even throws in some pig latin.
A very nice man teaches some of us who are musically challenged such as myself how to play that catchy theme song on the piano. :3 I didn't make it. I don't take credit for it.
theme song
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A tribute to the saddest, loneliest person at Dunder-Mifflin.
michael scott
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There’s Newfoundland and Labrador,
Saskatchewan, Ontario,
Quebec, Alberta, Manitoba,
New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.

Prince Edward Island’s very small,
but British Columbia tops them all!

[And that's where Vancouver is.]

But… before I finish up my story,
Ты should know the territories.

There are only three so I’ll be quick,
the Yukon, Northwest, and Nunavut.

If Ты want to have a ball,
there’s Saskatoon and Montreal.

And if Ты want to pack your sacks,
we’ll be going off the Halifax.

And if you’re looking for a wife,
be sure to visit Yellowknife.


Perennial geraniums,
nickel–think uranium,
are filling up my cranium,
the exports that they boast.

Keep going? No? Ingrates.
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Hello Office fans!

I just finished up making an Office: Power час video. What is a power час Ты may ask? It's 60 shots of пиво in an hour. For a video power час such as this, there are 60 one минута clips from the Office seasons 1-6. After each clip, a screen is shown to remind Ты to drink the shot of beer. By the end, Ты should have drank between 5 to 7 beers depending how full Ты fill your shot glass. Pretty simple, eh?

So grab some friends, some beer, the video, and a shot glass for each person playing. Fill your shot glass with пиво and prepare to play. Further directions are outlined at the beginning of the video.

Because the Office is copyrighted, I obviously can't just post this anywhere - which is why it's a torrent. If Ты don't know how to use bittorrent, Google it. If Ты do, please proceed to my site to find the Ссылки to download. Don't forget to seed please!


From one Фан to another, hope Ты enjoy.