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This Изгои фото contains портрет, выстрел в голову, близком расстоянии, макро, and крупным планом.

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Johnny pov: We were headed Главная from school. Walking side by side. I was walking her to we house first, just to be polite. She would look over at me an smile every so often and I would smile back. She held her Книги close to her torso her arms wrapped around them. "Aye, watch out, (y/n)!", I сказал(-а) as she almost tripped over a step. When she side stepped her Книги went flying. "Damnit", she mumbled. I ran to pick up her things then walked back to her. She put out her arms for me to hand her the Книги and loose papers, but I just held them at my side, using my right hand to take hold of her left...
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As Ты push, Ты see Soda sprint down the hallway past your room in his DX shirt, then do a double take and trip back into your hospital room.

“OUT! OUT! Sodapop Curtis Ты get the fuck outta this room right now или so help me we are never having anymore children. You’ll be lucky if Ты even get to have sex with me anymore!” Ты scream at him.

The look of pure fear crosses Soda’s face, and he bolts out of the room.

You see Ponyboy out of the corner of your eye biting his lip, trying not to laugh.

You hear Soda from the hall. “You’re doing great, sweetheart.”

“Oh shut the hell up I...
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“Hey Katie-Kat, I can’t read to Ты if you’re gonna be all jumpy. It’s almost time for bed.” Dally says as he lays on his daughters bed.

“Daddy, come on, I’m almost 4. I can stay up late.” She says, rolling her eyes.

“I know princess. I wish Ты could stay up late and hang out with Daddy, but your mom would kill me.”

She was by the book case, picking out a bedtime story to read.

“This one.” She says as she runs over to the bed.

“Five Little Monkeys?” Dally asks as he picks Katie up and sets her in his lap. “We haven’t read this one in awhile.”

He opens the book.

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I walked in the door and headed for my room, but of course Danny stopped me like he normally does.
"Sit down B," he сказал(-а) pushing me towards the couch.
I didn't think he'd call me B. Dad use to call that when I was little and now since he died we never bring it up anymore. Something was up. I knew that because of the way Danny's eyes looked. They looked really inoccent and sad. I sat down on the диван, мягкий уголок and saw Sherri cooking dinner. I was starving mostly because I didn't eat any breakfast, other that хлеб I ate earlier.
"Beka I have some bad news," Danny said
All of a sudden Sherri turned around...
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    The burns hurt but I’d never tell no one but Ponyboy that though they’d all understand people always looked down on me I didn’t want the gang to do that too. Ponyboy didn’t look down on me he understood we had similar ways of thinking but if I were gone I wouldn’t be missed nearly as much as him he had his brothers Darry and Soda pop I wouldn’t be missed by anyone but the gang. Ponyboy came in everyday and read Gone with the Wind to me Dally came to but only to see me. If Dally opened a book it’d be a mirical. That’s why me and Ponyboy are alike...
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stay Золото
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