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This Изгои фото might contain портрет, выстрел в голову, близком расстоянии, макро, and крупным планом.

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Not mines. But so true:)
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dallas winston
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“Steven Randel get your жопа, попка in here!” Ты yell from the bathroom.

Steve sprints from the couch, to the bathroom, tripping over his own feet.

“What?!? What happened? What did I do? Better yet, what didn’t I do?” He asks quickly, voice full of concern.

“Look,” Ты groan. “My baby bump is starting to show.” Ты lift up your рубашка to Показать the subtle curve to your stomach.

“Oh,” Steve says softly, leaning against the door frame, smile on his face.

“Why are Ты smiling?”

“Because it’s all really happening.” He mutters. “And it looks great on you.” He grins.
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this is a trailer someone made that i loved!
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“I want to.” Ты say.

“I do to, but…” Dally starts.

“But what?” Ты ask. Ты were lying on the постель, кровати Далее to him.

“I don’t want to hurt you.”

“We’ll it won’t hurt that bad…”

“No… I mean I don’t want to hurt Ты hurt you.”

“What do Ты mean?”

He pauses, and rolls on his side to look Ты in the eye. “I Любовь you. You’re the first girl I’ve actually loved. When I’m around Ты you, it’s like my world has so much еще meaning. So Ты know… If we bang, there going to be so much еще emotional. It’s wont just be having sex… It will be making love. And...
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ponyboy curtis
robert frost
nothing Золото can stay
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 this is Ponyboy, Dally, and Johnny (in order from left to right) i accidentaly meet them at Dairy Hut when i go and get an ice cream!
this is Ponyboy, Dally, and Johnny (in order from left to right) i accidentaly meet them at Dairy Hut when i go and get an ice cream!
intro thingy--this is going to be set in modern times and it has somethin to do with literary physics (which isnt real...i think). if youve ever read The Vampire Stalker by Allison фургон, ван Diepen then u will know wat i'm talkin bout. if Ты havent then READ THE BOOK. youll understand how most of this hapens. but literary physics is mostly like how...some authors write about other dimesions that they think r fake but r real which turn into their "fictional" books. and some "characters" пересекать, крест over into the real world, which happens in The Vampire Stalker. its simple if u think about it :). but anyways...
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This is a video I made of all the Greasers
johnny cade
two bit matthews
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The Далее few weeks were good no one сказал(-а) about me and Ponyboy being together which was weird I thought the gang would at lease pick on us about but they didnt,they didnt say anything about it.Which I was glade about it.Darry didnt even seem to notice anything if he saw us Kiss he looked the other way and smiled.
We went to the Фильмы every weekend and out to eat before we got Главная everybody knew about us Ponyboy seemed to Показать me off everytime we left the house.He loved to go places with alot of people and tell everybody about us.I didnt mind when I was wih Bob he hated to tell...
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Chapter One

"Things are rough all over..."
-Cherry Valance, The Outsiders, S. E. Hinton

The sky had fallen to the skyline, bringing a dark blanket to пальто the Earth. The stars didn't Показать from the lights of the city blocking their view out. Even if we lived on the outskirts, it was still blocked. I sighed.
"You still up? Go to bed," my older brother, Bruce, сказал(-а) from the doorway.
"On it..." I sighed and walked away from the window, to my bed. Climbing under the thin blankets, I looked up at the blank ceiling. "Night Bruce."
"Night kiddo," he yawned and walked down the hall. The hall light flicked...
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I was driving over to the gangs house to see them,I was a long drive and it was a hot day,hot enough to go swimming.I was about a block away from the house when I suddenly gor a real bad feeling about something that I couldnt place.I had to pull over to catch my breath at something that I had no idea what was wrong.
I started to drive agine when the feeling finaly left me but it still lingered in the back of my mind,as i pulled on to the block were they lived.The wierd feeling came back before I knew it I was in tears for some reason.
I pulled up to the house and saw the boys playing aruond...
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