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phangirl4eva posted on Jul 11, 2012 at 12:07AM
I’m going to be starting a petition soon for a Phantom of the opera sequel movie. It’s NOT going to be Love Never Dies, but a sequel ( or alternate first movie ) where Erik and Christine get a happy ending. It will not be a musical, but a REAL movie.

I need ideas though to present to the screenplay writers, directors, etc.

( p.s. I do love Andrew Lloyd Webber’s stories but we need something fresh! )

Thank you...

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Больше года mikumikitataku said…
big smile
yeah, i always wanted a real movie of the phantom of the opera but don't know how to change the songs into dialogs and both erik and christine deserve a happy ending especially erik.
Больше года TBUGoth said…
The not happy ending is part of what makes "Love Never Dies" realistic. If you want to MAKE ONE YOURSELF as a PHAN I will be happy to watch.
Больше года 100monkeys said…
If you ever think about making one yourself, I would be more than happy to watch!!!! Message me a link if you do, please!!


Fellow Phan
Больше года TBUGoth said…
Well first of all, I know where a Movie Maker for my Mac, but is going to cost me $50, and are there any qualifications that Phans would like besides the Erik/Christine shipping? THIS IS NOT GOIING TO BE BIG BUDGET.. But it is most likely it will be animated, you can do voices when your MILES apart. so anyone like to sign up?
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Больше года TheSpaceNinja said…
If you're planning on doing this independently, I can help in any way as long as I don't have to spend too much money. I'm currently spending A LOT of money on my own Phantom indie film. If you need any help at all, please message me.