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Phantomess posted on Jun 15, 2009 at 05:55PM
This is something I have noticed that has been lacking here. People unable or unwilling to spell Erik, Raoul, or Christine correctly. Sentences that are so poorly written grammatically that they make next to no sense whatsoever. People who know little or nothing about any versions other than the 2004. The novel and the 1925 film are both public domain now, children. That means you can read and watch them freely without fear of the feds coming down upon your head for pirating copyrighted materials. And all of this nonsense about the sequel. Yes, it is going to happen. No, it will not be a movie. It will be a stage play. And hell no, Gerry and Emmy will NOT be involved most likely.
Now I know there are links on this site to all of the information you need to stop making complete asses of yourselves. I know for a fact that the thread 'I wish to share' offers bootlegs and professional recordings of different versions, as well as the ALW stage play. If any of you really really wants something, for the love of God let me know and I will find it for you. I have a lot of POTO stuff in my collection, as I am sure several of the other older phans do as well. And a lot of us still remember what it is to be a teenager without net contacts or cash to find our own goodies.
Other good links; link this is not the official page of the ALW, it's a forum group. Go through, read posts. You'll learn something, I promise.
link run by a really awesome phan. There are pictures, info on other versions of the story, and random goodies for you to find.
Google the stage show, Google the Leroux or Kay novels. I'm not saying you can't love the '04 movie. I can understand having an attachment to your first Phantom, even if I really don't agree with a lot of things about it. But please PLEASE stop looking like idiots and learn your own goddamn history!

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Больше года JustHuddy said…
The "Ralf" pick... *headdesk*

Seriously people, there is more than the 2004 movie out there! It's easy to acces, free...so I don't really see the problem here.

*gasp* Phantomess, are you a member of phantomoftheopera.com too? What's your username? ...and am I the only one who would love to seem some of the n00bs use that kind of grammar on there and get ripped apart by some of the mods and senior members? (:C

EDIT: Because TWO MONTHS LATER I realized I spelled something wrong.
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Больше года Phantomess said…
Phantomess1881. I don't post often, but I like to read through the topics. Some of them are really interesting.
Больше года JustHuddy said…
Cool! I'm Meadowlark (like the Sarah Brightman song), but I don't post much either.
Больше года JustHuddy said…
Bumping this...because it needs a bump.
Больше года TGITPC said…
That peeves me as well. I'm a major Phantom purist and I seriously have to stop myself from flaming people who don't take the time to actually learn the characters names.

I too have an account on POTO.com (The Countess), but I rarely use it anymore. I love PhantomsTheater! It's what got me to pull away from the 2004 movie.
Больше года JustHuddy said…
*points with mouth hanging open* You're...you're that awesome person! I bow before your gorgeouse icons!
Больше года TGITPC said…
Oh...um I'm not sure gorgeous is the word for them...perhaps you're thinking of someone else :)
Больше года JustHuddy said…
No, really! I love your Avatar Contest submissions!

(completely icon whore here, LOL)
Больше года TGITPC said…
Haha, why thank you then. :)

It's a shame that that thread pretty much died, though.
Больше года Phantomess said…
I am adding to the list the need for people to learn how to categorize things on this spot. It isn't hard, I promise!
As JH has already done the rant on sorting your damned contributions via tags and credits, I will go ahead point out that the Answers section is FOR QUESTIONS AND REQUESTS FOR ASSISTANCE ONLY!
I realize I am slightly belated in posting this notation, but I was hoping that the problem was confined to one or two isolated incidents. But it just seems to keep on going.
If you want someone to look at a link, post it in the Links section. There are places there to comment on the content as well, I swear it.
If you would like someone to look at a photo manip or some artwork, post them in the Images section. Again, places to comment and discuss.
If you have created something you would like to share but it is neither a link nor a single pic, please use either the Forums or the Articles section. The Articles for more constructed linear writings, and the Forums for just whatever.
If you have a genuine question or request for assistance, then it is proper to use the Answers section.
I know I'm probably being highly anal about the whole thing, but we have these sections for a reason. If everyone posts where they are supposed to things will stay orderly and it will be far easier for everyone to find what they need and enjoy the content on here!
Больше года Phantomess said…
We have already discussed being able to spell characters names, have we not?
Then why in the name of the Angel of Music are people still refusing to spell the MAIN CHARACTERS names properly?
This, in and of itself is irritating but not quite infuriating. Learn from your mistakes. Look it up. Don't do it again. Typos happen, as well. That's fine. But do NOT sit there and argue that your cock up is, in fact, gospel. Especially when those far more versed in the fandom can provide multiple sources to prove you wrong. Simply admit that you were mistaken, and move on with your existence. If you can prove to me that I am wrong and you are right, I will be the first to clap you heartily on the back and congratulate you. I am human. I am known to be fallible. But I do require evidence beyond, "No, I'm right." The more credible your source, the easier I will concede that I am in error. But if you're going to tell me that it's spelled one way because Joe A**hole on 04movieblog.geocities.com said so, and the OFFICIAL frigging website, as well as nearly every other source worth mentioning in the fandom declares it to be another; well I'm afraid I'm going to have to side with the professional pages made by the people who own the rights to the characters!
Now, if I have made myself absolutely clear with this little rant, I shall bid you all a very good evening.
If you are all still a little bit confused, you may feel free to IM me for clarification. I will attempt to spell out my position as simply as I am able, and you may retaliate with your own feelings.
However, if you feel that it doesn't really matter one whit whether or not you bother to learn how to spell a character's name properly, then kindly get the HELL out of my fandom. I have no need for ignorant little pissants like you dragging the intelligence level of the entire community down!
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Больше года Phangirl7 said…
Yeah, it irritates me that the character's names don't get spelled correctly. Some of the spellings I've seen of Raoul are just. . . horrible. Glad I know how to spell them right, though.
Больше года Phantomess said…
I realize that anyone whom I have offended through being rather brusque in my mannerisms will probably not be reading this section, however I feel compelled to point out the ironic fact that the snaps I make at people's inability to spell/bad grammar/general stupidity are probably far less than what your favourite character would say if confronted with the blind idiocy that run rampant here. Seriously, take a moment to ponder it. Erik is not really what one could call a very gentle man. Honestly, he would likely ignore most of us on here, but if he did randomly take an interest, do you think for a single instant that we would be spared from being berated by him for doing foolish things? The man is a genius with a bad attitude, he's not going to just go "ah, well, they're young." he's going to wonder what in the name of God you're doing during classes when you SHOULD be learning to damn well read and write! So the next time you call me, or anyone with half a brain around here, mean or a bitch for picking on you, please consider that the person you're IN the fandom for would probably make you cry even harder, if not kill you outright for the hell of it.
End rant.
Больше года fansfunsz said…
Больше года PandaKISS said…
You do know Erik's a fictional character right?
Больше года LLCoyote said…
I agree with you and I don't think you're over reacting. Really is it that hard to learn how to spell their names? It's true that the first time I remember actually seeing the whole 'Phantom of the Opera' movie was the 04 version when I was 12 but since reading the original novel, seeing the play in person, and then reading the Susan Kay novel I've grown to almost resent that version.

But aside from all of that where is the 1925 movie? The only online version I can find is not in English. I don't really look for those things online for fear of copyright infringement.
Больше года PandaKISS said…
the 1925 is in public domain so its free to watch it online, it doesn't have a copyright anymore. I've seen it on youtube (though its not the best version, but it is in English) if you have netflix its on there, along with the Dario Argento version (I strongly DO NOT recommend this version if you haven't all ready its weird...) but here is a link to the public domain site.

Больше года LLCoyote said…
Thank you very much <3