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The Phantom of the Opera is a popular musical that features awesome music that has been given by the talented Andrew Lloyd Webber. The lyrics have been given by Charles Hart as presented by Richard Stilgoe and Andrew Lloyd Webber. The musical is an adaptation of the classic novel titled "Le Fantôme de l’Opéra" that had been by the famous and the talented Gaston Leroux.
It is currently playing all across the world in its Harold Prince-directed incarnation. The story of the respective show revolves around the life of a masked figure who is shown as lurking beneath the shadows of the Paris Opera House and who is terrorizing all the people who inhabit it in accordance to the production notes. The main character that is of the phantom has been shown as being madly in love with an innocent young soprano named Christine. He is show as having devoted himself to the creation of the respective star and how he not only nurtures her extraordinary talents but also of how he employs all devious methods.
Tim Martin Gleason has played the role of The Phantom, whereas the talented Trista Moldovan plays the role of the young soprano named Christine. Amongst the other characters are Sean MacLaughlin who plays the role of Raoul and also Vicomte de Chagny. Amongst other cast members are Kim Stengel, D.C. Anderson, the handsome Michael McCoy, the beautiful Nancy Hess and Luke Grooms to name a few. In several of the performances that have been given by the cast that Kelly Jeanne Grant plays the main character of Christine.
This musical has been a huge hit and has managed to gross almost (US 5 dollar) billion all across the globe. The Phantom of the Opera without any doubt is the most successful entertainment venture of the current century.
It is expected that there is going to be some kind of discount scheme which will have several special offers which will entice people out of their armchairs and go to the place where it is playing. Some offer like having ten successive nights at the Phantom of the Opera for the price of just nine shows is likely. Or something like the chance of purchasing Henry VI part one and two in order to get the third part for free is also likely.
It is going to prove worthwhile and will be a good thing, if the city can afford it.
The Phantom of the Opera is without any doubt amongst the best and one of the most remarkable plays ever to have been presented for the audiences.
The play has three hour duration with one interval. The play has been set in the late 1800’s, whereas the actual story is regarding the tale of a chandelier during the early 1900’s. if you want to see this show buy link and get the real fun.
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