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onthebroadway posted on Jul 09, 2010 at 06:19AM
In Las Vegas on the 28th of June there had been more than 1,800 people that wore white masks in order to celebrate the fourth anniversary of the popular musical "Phantom -- The Las Vegas Spectacular. The aforementioned musical is a 95-minute version of the original "Phantom of the Opera" stage musical that is playing at the venue of The Phantom Theatre situated at The Venetian Resort-Hotel-Casino.
Post a performance that had been given over the weekend, the cast members had come out in order to hand the commemorative versions of this iconic mask to their fans in the sold-out house.
It had been a record for being the world's largest gathering of Phantoms that had all been assembled in a single location. The producers had congratulated all those who has been involved in the 'Phantom' Las Vegas and had shown their loyalty and support for the respective musical. They had told the media that they could not wait to see the video of that record-breaking moment. Hal Prince said that the celebration of their fourth anniversary with a house-full of Phantoms had been one hell of an idea. Hal prince had been the director for the original "Phantom production on Broadway. He said that he so wished that he would have been there to witness that event.
Slowly and steadily the “Phantom of the Opera” has managed to become one of world’s top selling showbiz properties. If you want to see the spectacular phantom of the opera show so you can buy the link and get the real fun of true entertainment. More than two decades post its debut on London’s West End, this Andrew Lloyd Webbers mega-musical has managed to have nine official productions that are playing all across the globe ranging from Budapest to Buenos Aires.
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