Призрак Оперы Still Hit Показать The Phantom Of The Opera

onthebroadway posted on Sep 08, 2010 at 06:54AM
Love Never Dies can be categorized as a sequel to the story of The Phantom of the Opera – which is without doubt to date the most successful musical. It tells the story that almost after a decade of the mysterious disappearance of the phantom that happened in the Paris Opera House, the action shifts to the New York's Coney Island fairground, where Christine comes in contact with an unknown impresario who had extended an invitation to her for singing in America. The Phantom of the Opera is bound to play for the Australian audience in next year and other than that Melbourne is also firming itself as being the favorite that is going to host the respective musical’s premiere.
“The Phantom of the Opera”, is a Broadway musical that has been extremely popular and has been touring for almost two decades now. It has toured in more than 100 cities and its final stop is going to be in Pittsburgh. This musical has magical scenery that has been coupled with some mind-blowing stage effects. This musical is a must watch and is a treat for the audience right from start to the finish. As the theater lights are dimmed and the audience have fully settled in their respective seats, the opening scene comes on that manages to hold the audience’s eyes. It shows that one of the main characters that is Christine Daaé has belted her first piece of the night. “Phantom” had made its debut on the 25th of August at the venue of the Benedum Center that is held in the Cultural District of Downtown Pittsburgh, and where it is going to continue giving performances until the 19th of September. You want to see the loves never dies so you can buy the link and get the real fun of stage and with mind blowing seats.

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