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stills of Остаться в живых film refered to in video link
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Curiosity Kills

This was written for the Featuring Luciana challenge. The challenge: Write a oneshot story describing Luciana's thoughs on Erik, shortly before her death.

“I want Ты to take off the mask. Please take off the mask.”

    I am standing in front of Erik, begging him to remove the mask that hides his face from me. I want to know his face, to see him.

    “You must excuse me, mademoiselle. I have work to finish.”

    The nerve of him! “I will not excuse you! Ты don’t have work to finish! I want Ты to take off...
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What Annoys Me About The Phantom of Manhattan by Frederick Forsyth

All of the Leroux-bashing:

In the Preface, Forsyth repeatedly points out errors in Leroux’s novel, most of which are trivial and pointless (OMG! He сказал(-а) the chandelier was heavier than it really was! Shun Leroux!). And he keeps pointing out how Andrew Lloyd Webber “fixed” the errors, which brings me to…

Treating Andrew Lloyd Webber’s version like its perfect and the only “right” one:

Andrew Lloyd Webber’s stage Показать isn’t perfect. That being said, some parts of it were better in his version than in Leroux’s,...
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Ты Know You’re Addicted To The Phantom Of The Opera When…

DISCLAIMER: I wrote some of these, but the majority of them were written by the folks at phantomoftheopera.com. link.

…When every single story your teacher asks Ты to write turns into a Phantom fic.

…When even your friends' Друзья know about your obsession and warn THEIR Друзья not to ask if Phantom's a musical или an opera.

…When Ты print out drawings of Leroux Erik by yourself and some of your Избранное artists on DA, cut them out so Ты get a paper doll, and put them in a book, and carry them everywhere Ты go, and Ты speak...
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Source: Senses of Cinema
1. Andrew Lloyd Webber/Love Never Dies
2. 1925
3. Robert Englund
4. Энджел of Музыка
5. 1987 animated
6 Hello Kitty's Furry Tale Theater: Phantom of the Theater
7. 1943
8. Phantom of the Megaplex
9. Phantom of the Mall
10. 1962
11. 1998
12. 1990
13. Phantom Yeston/Kopit
15 Phantom of the Paradise
16. Phantom of the Opry
17. Wishbone: Pantin at the Opera
18. David Staller
19. 1983
20. American Dad: Phantom of the Telethon
21. El Fantasma de la Opereta (1959) [without subtitles]
22. Song at Midnight (1937) [without subtitles]
23. The Phantom of Hollywood
24. Erik: Portrait of a Living Corpse
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Source: Senses of Cinema
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everyone got earpugs ready in comaring phantom