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 Andre Castaigne. Original Leroux Illustration for First American Edition
A head of огонь traveled toward them
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This Призрак Оперы Фан-арт might contain деловой костюм.

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Andrew Lloyd Webber is making a sequel to POTO,called Любовь never dies, and almost every artical that Ты see on Wickapeadia,ALW's website, etc, has something that phans don't like........... THE FACT THAT HE'S MAKING ONE IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!!!!! On Phantom message boards there is one about the sequel called"THEY ARE MAKING A SEQUEL TO POTO!" And Ты will find out why the story line, how the carracters will change (like one about Meg Giry being gothic), how Andrew Lloyd Webber is making the Giry's be on the bad side and want to kill Christene,( wich makes no sence at all, since the Giry's used to adore Christene), and how all of the above will make the musical crash and burn!!!!!!! While looking through the message boards Ты will see Комментарии like," ALW should burn the whole score!" and, "I won't be suprised if Phantom goes off Brodway for this..."So if Ты want to learn more, Ты know where to go ( THEY ARE MAKING A SEQUEL TO PHOTO! Message boards.........)
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Credit: PHANTOMfan08 on YouTube A Collection of kisses between the Phantom & Christine
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