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The New F4 is being airred on 2011. The title? Brat Boys Beyond. Brat Boys Beyond is the new Filipino version of Boys Over Flowers. The concept of the story is similar with only minor changes. The leading woman in this series is no other that Sarah Geronimo. Singer and actress. Sarah Geronimo plays the commoner, Mimi. The F4 cast is: Nico Ibaviosa as Dominic Madriaga (Jun Pyo), Eduard Duallo as Leo Wang (Ji Hoo), Andre Endique as Andre Lim (Yi Jung), and Chase Rivera as Tobi Kimura (Woo Bin). Фаны are excited and have high expectation for this new drama and hope it will be very successful. I, myself, am pretty anxious about this new filipino drama also. But, I bet no other people are еще anxious than the filipinos. Watch out for this new drama!!! Updates? Check out websites или my new club: Brat boys beyond
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