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 Simpsons Go To Paris
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My вверх Ten Simpson's Episodes. These are what I think are the best of the series.

10). Treehouse of Horror XI (Season 12)

The Simpson's exit their house in a Munster theme and are killed by an angry mob except for Lisa who whistles away. Homer dies from choking on брокколи and comes back as a ghost to do one good deed to get into heaven. Homer must rescue Bart and Lisa from a witch in a fairy tale way. Lisa lets a дельфин go free which rules Springfield with its дельфин sea friends.

9). Replaceable Ты (Season 23)

Homer's new coworker, Roz Davis, steals his job and makes it miserable for him. Meanwhile,...
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Not by me...found on net and I thought I would share..

Matt Groening was born in Portland, Oregon on 15th February 1954. His father, a cartoonist himself, encouraged his son’s primitive doodlings. Matt enjoyed drawing from an early age, but felt a strong loathing for coloring books, mainly because he was not able to stay inside the lines. In primary school, little left-handed Matt drew Мультики when he should have been paying attention, which left strange gaps in his education. To this day, he does not know his state capitals, and do not bother asking him to multiply any numbers between 7...
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