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 Very awesome houses
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This The Sims 3 фото contains бунгало, коттедж, шатровая крыша, крыша шатровая, тазобедренная крыша, вальмовая крыша, рядный дом, and таунхаус. There might also be школа, здание школы, школы, с двускатной крышей, двускатной крышей, двухскатной, двухскатной крыши, двускатная крыша, седельная крыша, седловина, седло, седло крышей, and гараж.

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I Любовь playing the Sims 3...there's so much things to do...

1. Make a REALLY fat sim, and then make them work out a lot, watch them get slimmer.
2. Make Друзья with a criminal and invite him to your parties.
3. Build a house with no toilet in it and watch.
4. Build the tiniest house ever, like a 1 meter house.
5. Do the opposite of what the instructions tell Ты to do.
6. Make a household of 8 sims, and make them all pregnant at the same time. Watch them giving birth at the same time.
7. Sleep with your neighbor's husband/wife.
8. Дизайн your sims to look like a family of hookers.
9. Make a really absurd and morbid looking sim and get him/her to flirt with a hot sim xD
10. Get 2 gays/lesbians and marry them.
11. Turn the whole town gay/lesbian.
12. Build stupid houses all over the town.
13. Knock down your workplace and laugh.
14. Rob houses.
15. Argue with fat sims.
16. Bash the really pretty sims.
17. Присоединиться a household and don't get along with anyone.
18. Sleep with your boss.
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It was midnight over Sunset Valley and near the borders of the town a red short building stand there with different shades of colours lighting up. This was a new disco, that opened in Sunset Valley a week ago. Inside various teenies and townies were there dancing, having a drink or...flirting. At the entrance a brown haired woman wearing a вверх and hot pants, entered into the disco and watched at all people dancing on the floor. The brown haired woman's name is Molly. She came from her best friend's house, Fiona. Fiona needed Molly's help with her daughter River, that had trouble with bullies...
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