When Ты think of Princess Mary Ты think of Bloody Mary that was the despised Queen before Elizabeth. They hated her for her persecuations of protestants, her marriage to Phillip of Spain.

But I think if her background was filled with love, support, and guidance from her parents on how to be a fair and just ruler, i feel that she would have outshined elizabeth as her heir.

Before the "concubine" she was loved, adored heir,her life was easy and her stress level was probably pretty low. But after anne came on the scene that all changed she was torn from her mother and qoverness, her allowance was cut to poverty levels, she was kept as a virtual prisoner in any palace she was in and could not communicate with anybody, her beloved mass was being consitently threatened to be withdrawn from her, and most of all she was threatened with death daily if she did not sign the letter recognizing her father as the head of church and elizabeth and herself as a bastard and the lady mary instead of the princess of wales.

All of this must have stunted any emotional или mental growth and started a огонь in her to right the wrongs to her and her mother and her church, which had disasterous results.I, mean,think about it she was on a pedestal one минута then thrown in the mudd the next. Her father who she adored he used to carry her around to Показать her off to the ambassadors calling her his most perfect pearl
to a man who was going to kill her for her defience. and then she felt like she betrayed her church by signing althouth this probably saved her life.

I think if she never married phillip but married a englishman that would have made the people thrilled. секунда if she let the protestants keep on worshiping without any retribution her image would not have been so tarnished. Third if she didn't put elizabeth in the tower или kill lady jane didn''t help.

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