Chapter 5: Forgetful memories

"We're here Damon",Katharina looked beside her and saw that Damon had fallen a sleep.
"Damon we're here,weak up!"
Damon opend his eyes and grabbed his head,"It hurts"
"That's because Ты have been drinking to much"
She steped out of the car to help him get out.
"Lets get Ты inside,where it's warm"
Damon's head fell on Katharina's shoulder,he could smell the blood flowing through her veins,"You smell good,you're making me hungry"
She tought that he was just joking so she said:
"You had to much wisky for one day"
Katharina opend the door and went inside,"Wow; big house Ты got here,lets put Ты on the sofa"
After putting him on the sofa,she went to make some koffee for him.
"Here have some coffee,you'll feel allot beter"
Damon couldn't pick up the mug of coffee,so Katharina helped him.
"You'd beter get some rest,you're gonna wake up with quite a headache"
Damon fell a sleep after drinking some coffee.
Katharina looked at her watch and saw that it was almost midnight.
"I have to go,sleep tight",she gave Damon a Kiss on his forhead and left.

"Where have Ты been;we were worried sick about you,are Ты crazy to just leave like that!"
When Katharina came Главная she got the full wind from the front.
"Dad calm down,I'm oke,I just want to say that I'm sorry for the way I acted at Ты Leah"
She looked at Leah,"I'm sorry"
"It's oke dear;I understand,I'm going to leave Ты two to talk things out"
Katharina looked at her father,"I'm sorry dad,I know it has been a rough time"
"It's oke Katharina,but Ты have to know that I Любовь Leah"
"I know,but I don't think it's the right time to talk about this"
"I understand,maybe tomorrow?"
"Maybe,good night dad",she went upstairs to go to bed.

Stefan came Главная and saw Damon sleeping on the sofa.
"Umm...something smells different here,I geuss I"ll have to ask Damon in the morning,hope he feels better by tomorrow"
The night went by as a new день began.
"Good morning Damon,how was your Friday night?"
Damon looked at Stefan and closed his eyes.
"Mmm...Stefan don't talk so loud,my head hurts.I'm not feeling good,how did I get home?"
Stefan laughed,"you tell me Damon"
"Well all I could remember is that I fell a sleep in the Grill;somebody или someone held me and the smell of strawberrys"
"That's all I could remember I think,the rest is like a blur"
"Can Ты remember who brought Ты Главная или who gave Ты coffee?"
"Coffee?",Stefan showed Damon the mug on the table,it still had some coffee in it.
"No,non of that"
Stefan raised his eyebrows,"well lets hope it isn't a vampire,are we're gonna have problems"
"Wait, was a voice and car keys"
"Well that's going to be a start,you know how many pepole have keys and a voice Damon!!"
Damon sighs,he knew that it was hopeless to look for that one person who had brought him Главная last night.
"I know,I smeld blood and it плавить, корюшка good"
"What!!",Stefans voice sounded shocked and angry.
"Blood that плавить, корюшка like strawberrys,don't worry Stefan I didn't do anything crazy,don't worry!!"
"I hope so Damon,I hope so"

There was a knock on the door,Stefan and Damon looked at each other.
"Wonder who that could be,a person doesn't visit at 7 o'clock in the morning?.I'm gonna check it out",said Stefan already walking to the door to see who was there.
"Good morning Stefan,sorry for coming so early,I just wanted to see how Damon was doing"
She told him everything about last night.
"No problem Katharina,come on in"
The moment she walked inside,Damon could smell the sent of strawberrys again.
"Stefan that smell ,I remember it I плавить, корюшка it last night".Damon walked into Stefan and Katharina who were talking.
"Now I understad I'll tell him"
She smiled at Stefan,"Thank you,you should give him something to eat"
"I hope he isn't hungry now",Stefan had a strange exppression on his face.
"Stefan who's Ты friend?".Stefan looked at Damon,"This Damon is the person who brought Ты home,when Ты were drunk last night"
Damon's face turned red.Katharina tryed to keep her laughter inside,but when she looked at Damon a big grin appaired on her face.
"Hi I'm Katharina"
Damon looked a bit confused at her,"Kathrine?.
"It's Katharina,the Spanish form of Kathrine"
"Oh right,Spanish,like I would know that"
"I just came to see how Ты were oke,cause last night Ты were quite drunk"
"Thanks for bringing me home",Damon didn't like that he was brought Главная by a girl,but when he looked at her again it didn't boder him that much.
"No problem Damon".Damon looked at her from вверх to toe," Ты gave me the coffee!?"
"Yes Ты couldn't even hold the mug by yourself",she looked strait in to his eyes.
"You smell like strawberrys"
Stefan looked at Damon,"Damon don't start"
"Strawberrys?,you have a good nose",she сказал(-а) with a smile.
"Thanks and Ты also have beautyful eyes to"
Damon didn't know he сказал(-а) that it just came out of his mouth.
Katharina didn't know what to say after that.
"Umm...thank have to go some..somewhere,bye!!"

When Katharina had left Stefan started teasing Damon.
"Did Ты just say to her she has beautyful eyes,Damon!?"
"Sefan just stop,it just came out,but now I know she smells like strawberrys.But I won't lie,she has beautyful eyes"
Stfan raised his eyebrows and shoulder,"If Ты say so brother"
"Yea they were dark brown almost black"
"Mmm",is all that Stefan said.
"I'm telling Ты Stefan,she has beautyful eyes!!"
"I believe Ты Damon,I believe you"
"Yea keep making fun of me!!"
They looked at each other and than they both started to laugh.