I’m Чтение Antonia’s anons, and I realized that some people don’t realize how spectacularly Stefan SCREWED UP during Elena’s transition… Stefan was her boyfriend, Elena was completely lost, she didn’t know what to do, it was his fucking duty to take care of her!

1. Stefan convinced Elena to hold on to stupid, irrational hope in 4x01 which almost leaded to Elena’s death.

2. Stefan didn’t give blood to Elena immediately after transition, instead he preferred to watch sunrise and listen to birds

3. Stefan convinced her to be on bunny diet, knowing that the only vampire in the world on bunny diet, has absolutely no control over blood lust and is a ripper

4. Stefan was repeating Elena twice per episode that she wouldn’t survive the guilt after killing someone, knowing that sooner или later she will kill someone. It obviously helped her with the shame and guilt

5. Stefan was repeating Elena that being vampire suck, obviously to cheer her up and give her hope.

6. Stefan COMPLETELLY ignored the fact that she wasn’t able to keep blood. For TWO days she was STARVING, he KNEW it and didn’t do anything about it.

7. Knowing that he is not able to be around human blood, he didn’t ask for help with teaching Elena how to feed, not only Damon, but also Caroline. Stefan preferred Elena to be starving than be on human blood.

8. When he found out that Elena drunk from blood bag, he was mad at Damon, completely ignoring ELENA’s decision to try (or he thought that Damon forced the blood bag on her, either way it’s idiotic)

9. Stefan was completely useless in the church in 4x02. Stefan was caring еще about people finding out about them (the could easily erase their memory after) than Elena being in insufferable pain. Basically Elena being in pain in s4 was always the very last of Stefan’s concerns.

10. Stefan let Elena, two days old vampire to feed on her best friend without any control. He left her completely alone, knowing that as a new born vampire she is NOT able to control herself. We’ve seen it during Stefan’s transition (he KILLED HIS FATHER), during Damon’s transition, during Caroline’s transition (he killed the Болталка guy and almost killed Matt, because he was close to her). Stefan SAW it and KNEW it. Elena was supposed to not ONLY be “close" to Matt, she was going to FEED on him. Stefan didn’t give a shit. He was busy with complaining to Caroline how Elena being a vampire SUCKS FOR HIM.

11. Stefan didn’t Показать ANY concern about Elena’s feeding process. He never even asked if she fed.

12. When Elena almost killed her best friend (matt) and when she finally stopped to listening his bullshits, his biggest concern was that she is going to a trip with Damon. He made her feel guilty about that, again not giving a shit about the fact that she is starving and she’s just almost killed her friend.

And THESE are only Stefan’s idiocies from FOUR episodes, not mentioning the fact that he wasn’t able to accept her as a vampire and wanted to fix her, by screwing up his last family member, as soon as he Остаться в живых access to her panties!

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