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 Paul Wesley in Woman’s Wear Daily - New Photoshoot!
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This Дневники вампира (телесериал) фото contains ограда забор, забор с цепной связью, and ограда ограда.

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Ep. 8
162 candles
episode 8
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As I couldn't find a Список of all the TVD related клубы and nobody else seemed to know about one either, I decided to make one because I think it will be useful to discover new клубы или to make your own club known by еще people.
If Ты know еще TVD related клубы или if Ты have just created a new one, please post the link in the Комментарии below and I will add it to the Список as soon as possible!

UPDATE: The Список now also contains клубы related to The Originals TV show. So if there are еще of those, tell me too!

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