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 Joseph морган aka Klaus
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OMFG i can't belive that he is our Klaus!! is gonna be so good, VD BEST TV SERIES EVER!!
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what damon did:

1.damon feed elena his blood,so she can have a chance of coming back(even she doesn't want to come back as a vampire)but at least it's a shoot

2.damon made katherine tell him where klaus keept caroline & tyler

3.damon didn't kill matt even though he could have

4.damon saved both carloine & tyler

5.damon saved carloine yet again,when tyler attacked while he was turning,and got bitten in the process.

6.damon told carloine and matt to hide in a безопасно, сейф place.

7.damon went to klaus welling and knowing that he will be either killed или sacrificed.

what stefan did:

1.stefan took elena for a walk

2.stefan colsed his eyes

3.stefan called damon for help,insted of trying to find where klaus took elena.

"i was trying to protect elena,i will always protect elena"-stefan

wow great job protecting her stefan by yet again doing NOTHING

so by the end of they день who will save elena's life????
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Before Ты call for our heads, Delena fans, hear us out. There doesn’t seem to be any stopping Elena (Nina Dobrev) and Damon (Ian Somerhalder) at the moment. They’ll clearly have some time to feel each other out (metaphorically and perhaps literally), but we wouldn’t count Stefan (Paul Wesley) as totally out of this Любовь треугольник just yet. Ты know how
The Vampire Diaries adores it Любовь geometry, and there are plenty of reasons Stelena Фаны should still have hope. It might not happen for a while, but we think eventually Stefan and Elena will give it another shot.

1. Stefan knows Elena...
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