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 Finn & Kol
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Дневники вампира
season 3
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This Дневники вампира (телесериал) Фан-арт contains свечи, коническим, воск свет, свеча, конус, воск, конические, воск света, огонь, пламя, инферно, ад, and огонь. There might also be аниме, комиксы, манга, анимационные фильмы, комикс, мультфильм, and книга комиксов.

I'm starting a series of articles.

Introducing...the Mysterious Mind Of series! Every Статья will feature a different TVD character. Yes, I take suggestions for Цитаты and such. No point in requests, because I hope to write these Статьи for all the characters anyway. No, I will not be using my shipper mind to write these.

Each Статья will comprise of

> A Список detailing the composition of that character's brain
> Up to 18 scenes that the character was awesome in, including Цитаты if necessary
> Opinions section that will hopefully be updated with your comments
> Coming up next, so...
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Credits to Goldenessie, who put in on Youtube. An absolutely amazing song <3
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Season1 Episodes:
1x01 The Pilot
1x02 Night Of The Comet
1x03 Friday Night Bites
1x04 Family Ties
1x05 Your Undead To Me
1x06 Остаться в живых Girls
1x07 Haunted
1x08 162 Candles
1x09 History Repeating
1x10 The Turning Point
1x11 Bloodlines
1x12 Unpleasantville
1x13 Children Of The Damned
1x14 Fool Me Once
1x15 A Few Good Men
1x16 There Goes the Neighborhood
1x17 Let The Right One In
1x18 Under Control
1x19 Miss Mystic Falls
1x20 Blood Brothers
1x21 Isobel
1x22 Founder's Day

Season2 Episodes:
2x01 The Return
2x02 Храбрая сердцем New World
2x03 Bad Moon Rising
2x04 Memory Lane
2x05 Kill или Be Killed
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Дневники вампира
season 3
ordinary people
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Song: Enjoy The Silence - Anberlin
Музыка video
enjoy the silence
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