Дневники вампира (телесериал) Your Избранное Scene/Part in "The день I Tried To Live"? (6.13)

Pick one:
Matt & Sarah 'How were Ты planning on paying for the bus?' 'Charm..'
Stefan & Caroline searching for the Остаться в живых bear.
Liv & Kai fight. "I don't care about you. Why can't i kill you?"
Kai half dead but still helped Jeremy make contact with Bonnie.
Jeremy saves Bonnie 'It's the loneliness. And i only know one way to stop it.'
Jeremy & Elena 'Go to art school. Just find the life that Ты want & be happy.'
Liv & Tyler 'I would have done anything for Ты and Ты chose death over me.'
Matt&Enzo'Stefan thought he could protect her I'm gonna Показать him how wrong he is'
Damon & Elena 'Somehow, I always find my way back to you.'
 MariLena16 posted Больше года
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