Дневники вампира (телесериал) My Избранное lines/moments from "Brave New World". Yours?

Pick one:
Caroline drinking blood and turns into a vampire
Shirtless Tyler & sweaty Mason (Oh, they were talking?! Didn't notice...)
Are Ты worried that one день all the forest Животные are gonna band (see comments)
Aren't Ты a little old for a high school carnival? / 150 yrs. too old.
I' ll shove this ring so far up your жопа, попка you'll really have something to choke on
Caroline compelled the nurse to tell her husband likes to get kinky.
God bless Elena, but she does not understand the word 'fabulous'
(Caroline about compulsion) I don't know how that works but it's brilliant!
Damon makes Stefan arm wrestle vs. Mason! LOL @ Stefan's face!
...what the hell are they? / Oh! Maybe they're ninja turtles!
...there's no such thing as Волколаки или combat turtles.../Stefan: ninja turtles
Damon meets vamp Caroline - Ты suck!
Mason's werewolf abilities and eyes.
Katherine is manipulative nasty little slut.
Stefan/Caroline scene
Damon/Jeremy scene - Sorry I don't have молоко или печенье to offer Ты
Matt's 'I Любовь you' to Caroline.
Romantic Stefan/Elena scene
 iandamonfan posted Больше года
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