Дневники вампира (телесериал) My Избранное lines/moments from "The Sacrifice". Yours?

Pick one:
Elena-Jenna-Alaric scene
Well, I'm naked... so I'm gonna go
Come on in there's plenty of room/I'd rather poke my eyes out/Such pretty eyes
No spell, no doppelganger sacrifice... ergo, Ты live
Yep, we're awesome.
(...) including the both of Ты (Delena stare)
Forwood scene- you're really gonna turn down my help?
It's a plan. Is it perfect? Pff... what plan is?
Thanks, Ты 16yr old child. Why didn't we think about that? Why are Ты here?
(Alice had just seen her BF staked) I understand that. Do Ты know his password?
Elijah can see Elena
Forwood scene- Mason's video & journal, Tyler's breakdown
Damon Salvatore... No.Way. (I'd react the same way! lol)
Get your жопа, попка out the door before I throw Ты over my shoulder and carry Ты out m
Damon stops Elena's перфоратор, удар, пунш
Don't ever do that again.
Stefan saves Jeremy from Kat's bite, gets himself trapped
Forwood scene- Why do Ты care?/ I was alone, I don't want Ты to be alone
I will break. your. arm.
Elijah's badass double-heart-rip-out murder
Between here and upstairs there's still time for Ты to do something stupid
Beremy's almost Kiss
If I had a dollar for everytime an evil vampire surprises me...
I was too busy saving Ты from your crazy kamikaze mission
Delena angsty scene- "Damon let go of me! LET GO OF ME!"
Damon forces Elena to go away
Of all the idiot plans, Stefan...
Ты martyr yourself into a tomb & I get partnered with a semi competent witch. Wo
Keep Elena away from here/Yeah, cause that'll be easy...
Promise me no matter what happens, you'll protect her/Promise
That right there was the biggest mistake you've ever made.
 iandamonfan posted Больше года
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