Дневники вампира (телесериал) My faves from 3.01 "The Birthday". Yours?

Pick one:
Klefan beginning
How Caroline's face lights up when she sees Tyler
(naked) Damon surprises Elena
We're together all the time, it's not a leap/That's crazy/Right? *look down*
Klaus and Stefan find and threaten луч, рэй
But Ты kissed him, probably screwed with his head
Just because I tell Ты things doesn't mean you're allowed to know them
And... I'm horny all the time now.
He's not gonna let me stop until Ты tell me, and I do whatever he says
Damon gives Elena her ожерелье
Damon compels a girl to have the "young cheap stuff over by the cheap young peopl
Matt/Jeremy bromance bonding. Matt stoned FTW!
Talk to him, please? He looks up to you/You're screwed
Stefan/Andie scene
Tyler dancing. Glorious.
Caroline compels Slutty Sophie to leave the party
...the fort full of my drunk history students/Drink more, you'll feel less weird
Caroline/Elena moment in Damon's room
Gotta go break up пиво pong
Stefan kills Andie in front of Damon
Excuse me. Excuse... me.
Tyler confronts Caroline
(...) unless Ты make it crystal clear th— *shut up kiss* let's get out of here
Delena confrontation about Stefan
Klefan - but everytime Ты feed it makes it easier to let go.
Alaric/Elena scene
F O R W O O D S E X ! ! !
Damon trashes Stefan's room
Stefan calls Elena (TT_TT)
The OMG final scene
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