Дневники вампира (телесериал) What's your Избранное Damon quote from Homecoming?

Pick one:
Oh, really. Cause Вампиры are normally so reliable.
Her lying, mother-killing, daddy-dagger brother.
Well, if I told Ты it wouldn`t be a secret.
Get your own ties.
Elena, when this thing blows up in our face, remember only
I`m not judging you. It`s very Katherine-like.
If it makes Ты feel any better: she`s not really dead.
Do Ты trust me?
Couldn`t Ты just break his neck?
Why feed on vampires? Don`t tell me it has a smooth after taste.
As the host Ты should know that these hybrids don`t make a good
What`s wrong with you? Ты weren`t supposed to witchy-migraine me.
What the hell did Ты do?
We`re never getting Stefan back, Ты know that, don`t you?
 mrssalvatore6 posted Больше года
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