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Alaric raced over the road, an agitated and furious Damon Далее to him. Keeping his eyes on the road he said: “Try to keep your cool when we’re at Bonnie’s, okay? I know Ты don’t like her very much, but right now Ты need to get over that”
“Yeah, I don’t need convincing” Damon snapped. “For all we know Elena might be dead already, so my fued with Bonnie is really the least of my worries”
Alaric averted his head to Damon. “Okay” he сказал(-а) calm. “Is anyone going to tell Jeremy? He needs to know”
“I agree” Damon said. “Good luck on that one…Can’t this thing get faster?”
“Hey, I’m going as fast as I can, okay?” Alaric snapped. He slowed down for a red light. He nervously tapped the wheel, while Damon looked annoyed out the window. “I’m scared too” Alaric said. “The thought of losing Elena…I don’t think I could handle it, not after Jenna…She’s like a daughter to me…And Jeremy doesn’t need to lose anyone else in his life. He’s been through enough”
Damon pretended not to have heard his friend, but Alaric could see how his expression mellowed. “It’s green” he pointed at the traffic light. Alaric pushed the accelerator and drove further.
“Oh oh” Damon said.
“What?” Alaric сказал(-а) and he got nervous again. “This is not the right time to say ‘oh oh’, alright?”
Damon looked behind. “I think we might get some company”
“Little еще accurate, please” Alaric said.
“You’re driving too fast according to the law” Damon said.
“You think?” Alaric sarcastically said. “I thought that’s what Ты wanted”
“Yeah, but I’m not the law” Damon said. “They are” he pointed behind him. Alaric looked in his rear view mirror and cursed. “Now what?” he asked, quickly looking from the road to Damon and back.
“Keep driving” Damon said, ignoring the sirens. He opened the door.
“Hey, what are doing? Are Ты insane?” Alaric yelled, trying to watch both the road and Damon.
Damon unfastened his ремень, пояс, пояса and waited until he had a clear spot.
“Get back in the car, Ты idiot!”Alaric shouted. But Damon ignored Alaric and jumped. He landed hard on the ground, but got up and ran in the direction of Bonnie’s house.
Alaric parked his car and waited for the cops to catch up with him.
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