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Tyler parked his car on the parking lot of the Mystic Grill. He saw Caroline leaning against the Стена outside drinking some Bourbon. He hoped she wouldn’t look up. But as he made his way to the entrance she looked up.
“Tyler?” she сказал(-а) surprised.
Just keep walking, Tyler thought.
“I know Ты can hear me, Tyler” Caroline сказал(-а) uncomprehending. “Why are Ты avoiding me?”
Tyler stopped and walked towards Caroline. “Caroline, hi” he forced himself to say. He scratch his hair, feeling uncomfortable. “Don’t you…don’t Ты have school to go to?”
“Lunch break” Caroline explained. “So, are Ты going to tell me where you’ve been?”
“Sure” Tyler smirked. “As soon as I believe I should tell Ты every little detail about my life, I will”
“Tyler, I was worried about you. Don’t Ты get that?” Caroline сказал(-а) upset. “Who knows what could’ve happened to you?”
Tyler raised his hand. “Wait, I get myself a день off and Ты start ringing the alarm bells? Honey, please, I know you’re dramatic, but try keeping it to the limit”
Caroline grabbed his воротник and forced him against the wall. “I’m not being dramatic. I’m pissed. Your red slut friend threatened me. She thought I knew where Ты were. So I think I deserve to know where the hell you’ve been” she hissed.
Tyler smiled in her face. “She did, huh? I should give the girl an award. She’s got guts” Caroline let go of him and stared at him upset.
“She’s in there?” Tyler asked, walking backwards to and pointing at the Grill, that smile still on his face.
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