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“I have to go to him” Elena сказал(-а) agitated. She got out of постель, кровати and wanted to walk to the door when Katherine grabbed her by her upper arms.
“You can’t leave now” she said.
“Why not?” Elena asked angry. “He might die if I stay here. I should’ve listened to Derek”
“Elena, they won’t let Ты go” Katherine said. She looked at Elena. “Give me your clothes” she ordered.
“What?” Elena asked confused.
“Give me your clothes, then I will give Ты mine” Katherine insisted.
“You’re willing to stay the night here so I can go see Damon?” Elena asked with raised eyebrows. “Why?”
“Just do as I say already” Katherine сказал(-а) getting annoyed.
Elena quickly undressed and Katherine did the same. They switched clothes. Then Katherine crawled into постель, кровати and looked again at Elena. “I’ll tell Ты what the doctor сказал(-а) if Ты don’t make it on time”
Elena nodded and ran out the door. She looked from left to right and when no one was to be seen she accelerated her steps.
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