Elena opened her eyes and gasped for air. She sat up and pulled the threads on her body. She climbed out of постель, кровати and opened the door.
She covered her ears when she heard dozens of shoes stepping on the floor, people talking as if they were screaming through a megaphone.
“Shut up!” she screamed and a few staff members turned around.
“Are Ты alright, miss?” a nurse asked. Elena shook her head confused. She leaned against the room. Everything was a blur. “I’ll get a doctor” the nurse and she looked around to find one.
Elena hurried away. She was hungry. She needed to eat something или she would die. She braked when she heard something насос and she rotated her head. She was at the staff’s room. She opened the door and saw Meredith sitting on the couch. She was kind of pale.
Elena walked towards her, her eyes on Meredith’s neck. She could see Meredith’s veins pumping. When she stood right in front of her Meredith looked up.
“Elena” she exclaimed weak. “Don’t sneak up on me like that”
“I don’t feel so good” Elena mumbled weird.
“Yeah, me neither. Someone grabbed me from behind” Meredith replied. She tried to get up, but Остаться в живых her balance. Elena caught her. Now that Meredith was so close Elena could smell the blood underneath her skin.
“Elena, Ты can let go” Meredith сказал(-а) slowly, but instead of letting her go, Elena tightened her grip and sunk her fangs in her veins.