Дневники вампира Do Ты Sometimes Think That The Stories Should Go еще Slowly или Keep It Going As Is?

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I think it should keep going as it is
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 20cosmogirl posted Больше года
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nneellliii picked yes:
YES! Don't get me wrong, I adore the show as it is now but their storylines are not unending and I SOOOO hope they woudn't follow the books and make Elena a floating spirit kissing everyone because that just wouldn't work on TV, at least for me. So, yeah, I always wonder what now, I mean for me Klaus may have been delayed and introduced next season, since this season they had the Katherine and the werewolf storylines, which are great enough IMO to carry out the whole season, but anyway, I'm sure the show would be great, I'm just worried about what could come next...
posted Больше года.
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modernfan picked I think it should keep going as it is:
Sorry I didn't know what was yes/no.
posted Больше года.