Ever since the Saviors appeared on the show, the writers have provided a couple of alter egos to members of Team Family.

Characters that are paralleling each other and have actually a lot in common, despite the fact that they are on opposite sides. Characters that are alike, but had different paths and that could've easily ended where the other is right now, had they had a different path.

Each pair has confronted each other at some point on the show.


Melissa McBride & Alicia Witt as Carol & Paula ~ The Same Boat, 6x13

The first one we met was Paula.

Paula was paired with Carol in the episode The Same Boat (6x13). They were showed talking to each other throughout the episode and we learned about Paula's past, which had some similarities to Carol's.

Both of them Остаться в живых children because of the apocalypse. Paula Остаться в живых four daughters. Carol Остаться в живых one biological daughter and three surrogate daughters (the Samuels and Beth, with whom I always felt like she had a mother/daughter-ish relationship to). Both also Остаться в живых their husbands to the apocalypse.

Both once were in abusive relationship. Carol with Ed, obviously, and Paula with Donnie, as seen when he strikes her in front of everyone (paralleling the scene when Ed strikes Carol in front of everyone). The biggest difference being that Paula responds to Donnie's abuse by striking him too.

Both of them had sorta boring lives before the apocalypse and were reborn once the world ended. Paula had a boring office job and Carol was a housewife.

Both are in the double digits for killing people, the difference being that Carol still counts and Paula stopped after 10.

Carol realized in that episode that she was scared of ending up like Paula. Though Carol still cares, and Paula stopped caring a long time ago.


Lauren Cohan & Jeananne Goossen as Maggie & Michelle ~ The Same Boat, 6x13

The секунда one we met was Michelle.

In the same episode as Carol and Paula, Michelle was paired up with Maggie for the entire episode.

Both of them were/are pregnant after the world ended and both Остаться в живых their husband/boyfriend to the other side. Daryl blew up Michelle's boyfriend and Negan killed Maggie's husband.

Both of them also were going to/will name the baby after their fathers. Michelle was going to name her baby Frank, like her dad, and if they follow the comic books, Maggie will name her baby Hershel, like her father.


Norman Reedus & Austin Amelio as Daryl & Dwight ~ East, 6x15

Then we met Dwight. Technically, we met him before we met Paula and Michelle, but we started to see the resemblance between him and Daryl later on.

Daryl and Dwight have shared a lot of screentime together so far and I expect them to share even еще in the future.

Both of them would do anything for their family, the difference being Dwight only has one person he cares about, as Daryl has a lot of people he cares about. Daryl put his life in danger еще than once to save his family and vice versa. Dwight's wife, Sherry, scarified herself to save him and Dwight will eventually do anything he can, betraying Negan, to save her too.

Both are seen riding a motorcycle, handling a crossbow and wearing the winged vest. It is true that Dwight "stole" them from Daryl, but in the comics they initially belonged to him, he didn't have to steal them.

And in the end, Dwight was the one to help Daryl escape the Sanctuary (it is yet to be mentioned on the show, but it's pretty obvious) and in return, Dwight will probably ask help from Daryl (and his family) to battle Negan.


Andrew линкольн & Jeffrey Dean морган as Rick & Negan ~ Service, 7x04

Of course, there's Negan, that, despite what some people might think, have a lot of similarities with Rick.

Both of them are the leader of their community and make/have made harsh decisions to keep сказал(-а) community safe.

Both of them have the respect of most of their people, yet both having people turn against them (Spencer turned on Rick and Dwight will turn on Negan).

Both Остаться в живых their wife in a tragic accident (if they follow Negan's storyline from the comic books) and went a little crazy after.

Both once had one hell of a beard!

At the end of the day, they are not that different.


Christian Serratos & Elizabeth Ludlow as Rosita & Arat ~ Hearts Still Beating, 7x08

Finally, we just met Arat. Even though both only shared one scene, Arat and Rosita have a couple of things in common.

They are both important in their community (high ranks). Arat is one of Negan's trusty henchwomen and Rosita makes runs and has watch duties.

Both are both spontaneous and sometimes act before thinking. They are also both quick on the trigger and will shoot before thinking.

Both are not afraid of the other side and wants to kill them.

All of those characters could've easily ended on the other side of that war. That's what makes those parallels so interesting.

Maybe we'll continue to see еще alter egos to Team Family from the Saviors.

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