Game of Thrones is known for its famous 9th episodes, where they kill off big characters. I think The Walking Dead is having a pattern like that, but a bit different.

As we know, Scott Gimple was promoted to showrunner for the fourth season and has been the showrunner ever since. The first showrunner being Frank Darabont (first two seasons) and the секунда one being Glen Mazzara (third season).

Ever since Gimple has been the showrunner, he has introduced a new character или a new group every 10th episode. I thought it was interesting to look into it.

First, in season 4, we were introduced to Team Washington in the 10th episode, called Inmates. They were there only for a small scene at the end, like a cliffhanger and a tease for the comics fans.

Abraham, Eugene & Rosita's introduction, 4x10, Inmates

Then, in season 5, the same thing happened. We were introduced to Aaron at the very end of the episode as a cliffhanger and a tease, in the episode Them.

Aaron's introduction, 5x10, Them

After that, in season 6, we were introduced to the iconic character Paul Monroe. Sorry, Rovia, a.k.a. Jesus, in the episode The Далее World. Though, him was different, he was there for at least half of the episode.

Jesus' introduction, 6x10, The Далее World

And now, in season 7, we just got introduced to Jadis, in the episode New Best Friends. Her group were there for the entire episode, instead of just the end или half. The biggest difference here is that this group is not from the comics, they are entirely new characters.

Jadis' introduction, 7x10, New Best Друзья

Funny enough, every episode Название is in reference to the person или the group introduced, except for season 4.

Them, refers to Alexandria, where Aaron is from. Though, it might also just be referring to the dead *shrugs*. The Далее World refers to the entire new world Иисус will Показать the group and what the future will look like, with communities and stuff. New Best Friends is literally referring to Jadis and her group themselves.

Does this mean we'll get to meet The Whisperers on the 10th episode of season 8? Maybe!

The Whisperers, Graphic Novels

What do Ты guys think of this pattern that's been going on for the past four years?