I'm starting a new series of Статьи that will consist of me sorting different fandoms into Hogwarts houses. This is the first of what I hope will be a long series.

I will concentrate on the characters from the TV show, to keep it simple. There's going to be one Статья per house, so this is the first of four.

We'll start with the best house, my own house, Hufflepuff.

Hufflepuff, house of the Loyals

Glenn is a very loyal character, which is the biggest and most important quality of a true Hufflepuff. He's always been there for his family, doing everything in his power to protect and provide for them, never letting them down, ever. He was even sorta taken for granted in the earlier seasons by the other characters, being he was always ready to do something for them.

He was even loyal to his "enemy". When he met Tara, she was on the opposite side of the war, yet he helped her get out of the prison alive, while pretty much any other characters would've left her there to die, but Glenn couldn't bring himself to do that. Then, in the tunnels, he could've left her there and saved himself, but he would rather die trying to save her then survive knowing she died and he didn't help. Later, even after Nicholas tried to kill him and got Noah killed, he still wanted to give him another chance and help him to go on in this new world, Показ him the way.

He also was able to deal with the enemy without having to actually kill another human being, always trying to find another way. He killed his first living human only in season 6.

Steve Yeun as Glenn Rhee

Tara is also a true representative of that house. She's very loyal as well. Glenn was the first of Team Family that she met, and she promised to get him to his wife no matter what, and she did. Her mission to get him where he wanted was еще important than her own well-being, and she asked him to leave her to die so he could save himself.

She also kept her promise for as long as possible about Oceanside. She only told Rick when there really wasn't anything else she could do to help her family, and she did it reluctantly.

Tara would also sit down and think of a plan first, rather than go in head first without thinking of anything else other than a mission. For example, the Savior situation, she was one of the ones that really wanted to think things through before acting.

Alanna Masterson as Tara Chambler

Yes, Ты read right, Dwight is a Hufflepuff. Not a Gryffindor или a Slytherin.

Dwight is very loyal, but to only one person. He would do anything to protect Sherry. Even if it means he can't be with her anymore, he would rather have that then her dead. And when she left, he was ready to leave with her, and now he's betraying Negan because she was the only thing keeping him there.

Austin Amelio as Dwight

I could see people arguing that he's a Gryffindor, and I do agree that he has some of those qualities, but Иисус comes off еще as a Hufflepuff to me. He is very loyal, but he chooses his battles. He was loyal to Gregory at first, because there was no one else to lead. Иисус doesn't have what it takes to be a leader, so he just went with it, but as soon as someone way еще fitting to lead showed up (Maggie) he changed his allegiance and became very loyal to her.

During fights, he only uses weapons when needed, otherwise he deals with problems with his fighting skills and he tries to keep the peace wherever he goes.

Even when he scavenges, if he needs to steal supplies, he doesn't kill people. He finds another way, like when he украл, палантин from Rick and Daryl.

Tom Payne as Paul 'Jesus' Rovia

I guess he could be mistaken for a Gryffindor, but I put him in Hufflepuff, because what matters to him the most is to protect his community at all costs, even if it meant dealing with the Saviors without fighting. It was working for him, and he didn't want to jeopardize the lives of his people by fighting back. That's why he never told his people about the deal, because he knew they would want to fight. That's a Hufflepuff's attitude, a Gryffindor would've just went straight to fight.

Yes, in the end he changed his mind, but that's because the deal wasn't working anymore and it was becoming too dangerous to keep dealing with them.

Khary Payton as Ezekiel

Beth was a sweet girl to whom horrible things happened. She had a good heart, always trying to protect the children. She was very loyal to her family and was not a violent being. She only ever killed when she was forced to by Dawn, and it was against her will. She never wanted to hurt anyone. When she met Noah, her only concern was to get him out of there, even if it met she wouldn't be able to escape herself, she was dedicated to reuniting him with his family.

Emily Kinney as Beth Greene

Tyreese was capable of great violence, but deep inside, he was just a big teddy bear. He still had a hard time killing people, proven when he left Martin alive in that cabin.

He was really loyal, even to people that did things to him. He forgave Carol for killing his girlfriend, not every character would've done that. And even after forgiving her, he could've just ignored her, but he stayed by her side. He took care of her when she was rescued from the Hospital and even encouraged her to talk to the group about what she did at the prison, telling her he would back her up. That really takes a lot of сердце and loyalty to do that.

Chad L. Coleman as Tyreese Williams

Oh Jerry. That is a true true Hufflepuff. Extremely loyal to his King and always a huge smile on his face. Never letting anything bring him down, except the death of a dear friend. He is always excited about everything, always there to support his King no matter what. He's an adorable little cookie. He reminds me of a puppy.

Cooper Andrews as Jerry

Amy wasn't there very long, but enough to see that she was a Hufflepuff. She was very loyal to her sister, of course, еще than anyone else. She was not scared to tell Shane off when he suggested that they left the group stuck in the city. There's not much else to say, as we really didn't see much of her.

Emma колокол, колокольчик, белл as Amy Harrison

Noah showed that he's capable of a lot of patience when we met him. Having been trapped in the hospital for over year, still waiting for the best moment to try his escape, and he was finally able with the help of Beth. He felt guilty that she wasn't able to get out too, so he did everything he could to go back to help her, even stealing weapons from two very dangerous looking people. He had only just met Beth, and showed his loyalty to her very quickly, even agreeing to go back and stay if it meant she could leave with her family. He was very dedicated and loyal to her.

Then later on, right before his demise, he showed some interest in making Alexandria a Главная for him and his new family and wanting to learn architecture. He even had a little notebook, that showed, again, his dedication to the people he cared about.

Tyler James Williams as Noah

As much as Richard was a little bitch, we all have to admit that he had some dedication and loyalty towards the Kingdom. Ready to die for them, which he did. His plan was really sneaky and cost an innocent kid his life, but his reasoning was not that bad. The life Остаться в живых was supposed to be his own, but Jared, being the jerk he is, shot someone else. I don't excuse Richard what he did, but it was not a selfish plan, he only wanted the Kingdom to fight and get free from the Saviors. And it was a really elaborate plan too, he put a lot of thought and dedication into it.

Karl Makinen as Richard

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