The Wanted The Wanted Vs Jls

xxdionnexx posted on May 15, 2011 at 02:36PM
who do u think is better the wanted or jls i tottally think the wanted cause their cute funny hot great at singing and ggod to their fans where jls are bad at singing not very good to their fans not cute or hot or funny or good dancers where the wanted r and they dont post videos of them and their not very creative where the wanted came up with wantedwednesday which i celibrate every wednesday so reply back and tell me ur comments
yours sincrly

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Больше года tomfitparker said…
i agree the wanted r better
Больше года lilangeldee said…
I love The Wanted more, but I don't think that The Wanted are better dancers.
Больше года dionnesykesxxx said…
I love the wanted no matter wat