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So I was just Чтение my old Фан fictions, and I realized I never Опубликовано chapter 6 of this story, so here it is 6 months late.

---The girls arrived at the mall and headed to their Избранное store called Paisley. It had everything from office attire, club wear, swimsuits, prom and homecoming dresses and everyday styles plus everything was under 20 dollars. The girls headed toward the club wear section since they would be going to Club Midnight that night for ужин and dancing. Stella was actually the first one to find an outfit it was a short оранжевый dress with an open back and it looked amazing on her. The rest slowly found their dresses but the twins were the only ones who ended up with separate pieces, however Flora bought two outfits because she couldn’t decide between the separates или the dress; but everything flattered each girl and fit them perfectly. After they checked out, the girls quickly went to buy shoes and get their hair done since they would take care of the make-up back Alfea.
---On the bus
Stella: Flora are Ты going to wear the dress или the separates?
Flora: I don’t know (puts her hands on her face) both are really cute, what do Ты think girls?
Bloom: I like the dress because the separates seem еще for a movie date
Layla: I agree with Bloom the separates seem a little datish
Tecna: I actually like the separates because the dress seems a little revealing
Musa: Like Tecna I like the separates because it seems edgier and different
Flora: 2 for separates, 2 for розовый dress; Savannah and Stella, what are your opinions?
Savannah: I’m neutral, because both look fabulous on you
Flora: you’re no help sis, Stella Ты could be the tie breaker, as long as Ты aren’t neutral like my sister
Stella: (laughs) I agree both are cute but the separates could be worn to the movies, a picnic without the куртка или to a birthday party; but the dress is meant for a club and no where’s else plus Helia will be speechless when he sees Ты in it
Flora: very true, розовый dress wins
------The bus arrives at Alfea and the girls get off laughing and smiling. Once Tecna tells them what time it is they run to their rooms because they only have an час before the guys arrive to pick them up to go to Club Midnight
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Flora had just found out that she is pregnant. But she can't be pregnant, because in her world it's forbidden to be under your 20 pregnant, and Ты can't take away the child, because that is in Lynphea murder, so is if she does that, she gets banned или arrested from her kingdom and she is no longer princess. If anyone finds out.
*Flora's room*
Flora: *shocked* No… this can't be… it was the first time. It…it…I have to tell Helia.
*Layla comes in* Layla: hey, what's up?
Flora: Oh, nothing.
Layla: Really?
Flora: It's nothing!
Layla: Hm. Well, We're going to meet the guys in the forest, near Red...
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One день in alfea...
Flora:what happen?
Bloom:Sky haven't called me!
Flora:Be Patient bloom...
Bloom:I can't! remember when i want to pee i can't find a bathroom and i pee in my underwear!
Flora:Well now u need to be еще patient then that
Bloom: NO! i will call him right now!
on the phone
Bloom:SKY! Why haven't u call me?
Sky:ummmm... Bloom i have to......
practice yes....practice so i cannot call u very often
Bloom:WHAT?! u didin't call me for 5 months is that enough?
Sky: plzz bloom forgive me ok?
Bloom:alright but u act kinda strange. ..
Sky: what is the diffrence?iam my old self!...
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Hi!This is a new fanfic of mine!With love!Enjoy it!

*A saturday at Alfea*
Stella:Oh My God,this is so boring.I have nothing to do.
Tecna:Why don't Ты study?
Stella:What?That's impossible!!!
Musa:I guess Ты know Stella's type,Tecna.
Stella:I want to go shopping,but I don't have any money left.I spent them all this week.
Bloom:Hi girls,what's up?
Stella:Oh,hi Bloom.
Bloom:So,any plan for this weekend?
Flora:Well,not really.We were thinking.
Bloom:Oh,then I say...how about spending it with the boys?Sky promised me that will take me to a special place.
Musa:Ohh,that's so romantic.
Bloom:Ehm,it's our anniversary......
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Stella wakes up around noon and notices that her phone has a message on it

Stella: I wonder whos callling me this early
(looks at the message just as the other winx walk in)
Bloom: Stella your up
Stella yeah I am and we have to go to Solaria
Musa: Y
Stella: I got a message from my mom see (hands the phone to Bloom and everyone but Stella gathers around it)
MESSAGE: Stella I need 2 talk 2 u in person lov mom ♥
Flora: What does your mom want to talk to u about
Stella: I dont know thats y we have to go
Bloom: I dont know Stella this doesnt seem right going in the middle of the год without permission
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posted by CyD12
Bridgette: finally we are here in magix!
Elizabeth: it wasnt that long...
Bridgette: i know but i cant wait to go and shopping!
Megan: i thought we are going to eat something...
Rosella: we are...
Bridgette: but first some shopping!
Ariel: no, lets go eat first and then we go to the stores..
Haze: i agree with Ariel...
Bridgette: fine, lets eat something...


Bridgette: Эй, look!
Megan: what?
Bridgette: over there! some specialists!
Elizabeth: oh yeah, they are students of red fountain...
Bridgette: we should go and talk to them...
Ariel: i dont know...
Haze: yeah, we better stay here......
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Here are the powers или spells of Icy:
- Ice Bracelet
- Холодное сердце Prism
- Arctic Blast
- Ice Coffin
- Icicle Fury
- Ice Crusher
- Blizzard
- Ice Hail
- Ice Tower
- Chill Strike
- Frostbite
- Ice Portal
- Icicle Barrage
- Pierce Attack
- Ice Wall

Here are the powers или spells of Darcy:
- Dark Slam
- Remote Witch Slam
- Clouds of Darkness (Gloomix version)
- Cosmic Witcher
- Perfect Darkness (Gloomix version)
- Teleportation
- Transformation
- Illusion Dillusion (Disenchantix version)
- Optical Darkness (Gloomix version)
- Pauser Hex (Gloomix version)
- Duplication
- Total Darkness (Gloomix version}

Here are the powers или spells...
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 Flora in Believix
Flora in Believix
Hello! Me again! : ) Since some people liked my Статья on Tecna, I thought that I would do another. But this time, on information on *Drumroll Please* Flora! :D Hope Ты like this one!



Flora was born on March 1. She is the shyest, most quiet and generous member of the Winx Club.

In the first few seasons, she stayed quiet and really didn't have a strong connection with the Winx. But soon, her bond grew stronger especially with Layla (Aisha in RAI English and the original) princess of Andros due to that she helped Flora gain confidence to talk...
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I've heard a lot of ages of how old the Winx are and here's my opinion . . .

Season 1


Bloom - I think she's like 15 in season one because she's a freshman.

Stella - I know the Stellais older than the other girls because she failled her first год at Alfea so I would say she's 16

Tecna - I'm pretty sure that she's 15 like Bloom.

Musa - I think Musa's about 15.

Flora - Flora's is about 15 too because she's a freshman at Alfea.



Sky - Is about 16 because he was there last год *As сказал(-а) by Stella*

Brandon - Is also 16 because...
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So last night I actually have a dream about the prettiest Winx, so I decided to write an Статья about my dream but in a different way. Anyways, I hope Ты like this!

5. Musa
Musa is my 2nd favourite Winx, but she's not that pretty, well, at least she made it to my вверх 10. I'll start off with her gorgeous season 5 and 3 hair, they look do awesome especially season 5! If Ты watch seasons 1 and 2 you'll know why she's on fifth place– her short hair. I like the combination of her style guide, half girly half tomboyish just like her personality. I really admire her blue eyes and her bright red...
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 Bloom: In her normal outfit for Season 1
Bloom: In her normal outfit for Season 1
Hi there! : ) Lol! I'm sorry for the long wait on this one! I was rather busy with other Фан fictions and such =D But finally, here is the Статья of info on Bloom! Enjoy!



Bloom was born on December 10th on the planet of Domino. But unfortunatley, her parents had to give her up soon due to that the Ancestrial Witches had attacked their Главная planet. Bloom's sister, Daphne, teleported her to Earth and to a new family. She grew up, not knowing that she was a fairy или who her real parents were. When she was 16, she finally realized that she was a fairy after...
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