The Young Dark Bloom
"Bloom, Bloom, Bloom!", сказал(-а) Lockette as she shivered nervously. "Wa Ha Ha Ha Ha!", chuckled Bloom as she transformed into Dark Bloom. Then Lockette tries to find the others.
"Yes, power will be mine", сказал(-а) Dark Bloom in a evil chuckle. The others came into Bloom's Dorm as Lockette told them what has happen. "Welcome, friends.", сказал(-а) Dark Bloom as a evil grin appeared on her face. "Bloom, are Ты ok?", as Flora who was getting worried of Bloom's fairy transformation.
Then Dark Bloom blasted one of a облако sphere and broke the windows and flow away. "Come On, Girls. Bloom is Dark Bloom. CHARMIX!", сказал(-а) Musa as they transformed. They fly after Dark Bloom.
Lockette was so worried that she had told Ms. F. Ms.F was very upset and call on Red Fountain's specialists. Red фонтан assembled an army and went straight to the Dark Forest, while Ms. Grieslda assembled the Феи of Alfea to the Dark Forest. Ms. F discovered that Bloom had transformed into Dark Bloom by herself, which was very strange. Could this be happening now?
"Bloom, Bloom!", yelled Stella as she was worried about her best friend being Dark Bloom. Tecna had found the trail of Dark Bloom and called the Specialists. The specialists responded and followed Tecna's location map. When the Winx arrived without the Specialists, they saw Dark Bloom of where Darkar had died. She bowed to the stone of Darkar being dead. Then everyone came where Tecna's location was. The Red Fountain's specialists and the Alfea's fairies. Now everyone knew what was happening.
Everyone knew that Dark Bloom was transformed by a dark present, not herself. They know what was going on, and that Dark Bloom bowed to her master who she had served loyal. Then everyone launched their position, but then Dark Bloom turned around crying. Everyone didn't get it. Why would Dark Bloom cry in front of them? Is she planning an attack? Then her last tear dropped and "BOOM!". She was transforming!
She turned into her final Evil Bloom Transformation. Everyone was amazed, but then they try to attack her. But instead of defeating her, they got hurt instead. She launched on an attack on the Red Foundation ships. "BOOM!", as the ships got destroy and everyone ran out. Sky was surprised of how she was еще powerful.
Then she created a long-lasting barrier around her. She was forging a powerful spell. The Winx and Sky saw the Relix Spell that Darkar planned to use to rule the Magical Dimesion. Now they understand why she was transformed. She needs to complete the spell. And she did!
The Darkar rised. It was to rule. The Darkar gathered the sweet taste. And he'll rule the Magical Dimesion. He push Evil Bloom out, and she was angry. "AHHH!", screamed the Angry Evil Bloom as she used the last drop of her flame. Darkar was weaken, but he instead he poison Evil Bloom with a sphere of a droplet. She was dead, and Sky was angrier than ever before. He ran, and fought Darkar with his own strength while everyone else fought him. Then he was dead forever. For Real.
Even though they killed Darkar for eternity, Bloom is transformed back into her, but is dead with the droplet of poison in her mouth.
Everyone mourned. They couldn't believe it. But then, a blast of the Dragon Flame was in the air. Bloom was alive, but not well. "AHH!', screamed Bloom ad poison was still in her.
They got her back to Alfea, which treated her. She was healthy, but never could remember what happen.
Was this the end? или Not?
Evil Bloom's Final Transformation