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posted by dragonflame23
During the Rose Festival, both Bloom and Riven unwittingly fall into a trap by the Trix to divide the close relationship between the Specialists and the Winx. In the end, Riven thinks that Darcy has saved him in a racing crash and he blames Bloom for what happened.

There are hostilities between the Winx due to Stella's behavior, and Musa's feelings for Riven are strained. In a fight with the Trix, the possessor of the Dragon's Flame is revealed to be Bloom.

It's time for Bloom's magical midterm test in a virtual reality machine. The Trix mess with the computer so they can enter it and test her to be sure of Bloom is indeed the one who possesses the Dragon Flame.

Flora experiments with her plants to study for her test. Stella (who had her clothes torn apart by a plant) and Tecna (who was attacked by a plant) tell Flora to Переместить the plants. She moves them to Black-Mud Swamp. Flora seeks help from the Water Nymphs in finding a special plant. The Water Nymphs tell the Winx about a monster which has been terrorizing them and the Winx decide to fight it.
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Riven: Can I talk with Ты Musa?
-Flora poke her with her elbow and smile to her-
Musa: Sure, Riven
-Musa and Riven walk out to a private place-

Helia: Hey...
Flora: Hey...
-Flora blushed like a помидор или worse-
Helia: About what happened later I... I...
Flora: I know Ты really didn't meant it
Helia: Flora I am madly in Любовь with you. Flora I can't stop thinking about you, and to tell Ты the truth I really got jealous of that guy in the beach
-Helia got a mad face Показ that he was jealous-
Flora: But... but all this time I felt like Ты were trying to avoid me all the time
Helia: Like I said, I'm...
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She goes to the travel agent and transports herself back to Melody.

The Далее couple of days she has received tones of phone calls from the girls, including Riven. She answered them all, except for of course, Riven’s.
Back in Magix, Riven keeps asking the girls about what happened with Musa. One день Tecna comes right and says:

Tecna: I told her the truth about Ты and Galatea, and now because of you, she has gone back to Melody and she сказал(-а) that she will never return или answer your calls!
Riven: What! What have I done. I have to go to Melody. I have to talk to Musa. I have to tell her the truth....
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