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posted by magicenchantix
Hello everyone. I created a new winx club Фан site. I had one made before but it might become only view able and no еще registrations allowed. So, I created another one. it is kinda empty but only because I am the only member and if I had new members then еще posts would be added and еще activity will be going on.
So, it would be great if Ты guys can tell me what Ты think, give me any suggestions to make it better, and maybe sign up so we can become Друзья and so Ты can experience all that I have in store for this site.
Here is the link: link
Things Ты can do on this site: Roleplay, play games, chat with friends, get Обновления on the latest winx club news, Присоединиться contests and win amazing Форум prizes, and so much more.
I hope to see Ты there.
BTW pictures are still being uploaded so Ты will see some empty spots but they will be filled in eventually.
Hopefully, this will be the last site cause I have made at least 3 in my lifetime and there is something that always goes wrong.
Hope Ты guys will join!
posted by FloraBoricua
Riven: Can I talk with Ты Musa?
-Flora poke her with her elbow and smile to her-
Musa: Sure, Riven
-Musa and Riven walk out to a private place-

Helia: Hey...
Flora: Hey...
-Flora blushed like a помидор или worse-
Helia: About what happened later I... I...
Flora: I know Ты really didn't meant it
Helia: Flora I am madly in Любовь with you. Flora I can't stop thinking about you, and to tell Ты the truth I really got jealous of that guy in the beach
-Helia got a mad face Показ that he was jealous-
Flora: But... but all this time I felt like Ты were trying to avoid me all the time
Helia: Like I said, I'm...
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She goes to the travel agent and transports herself back to Melody.

The Далее couple of days she has received tones of phone calls from the girls, including Riven. She answered them all, except for of course, Riven’s.
Back in Magix, Riven keeps asking the girls about what happened with Musa. One день Tecna comes right and says:

Tecna: I told her the truth about Ты and Galatea, and now because of you, she has gone back to Melody and she сказал(-а) that she will never return или answer your calls!
Riven: What! What have I done. I have to go to Melody. I have to talk to Musa. I have to tell her the truth....
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Stella squealed, splashing her toe around in the enormous puddle еще commonly known as the ocean. (Gardinia's section of the ocean, that is!)
"Its freezing! Guys, Why did Faragonda assign us to this? They're are teachers not our swimming instructers!!!!" She wailed, shivering like a pixie in the omega dimension!
"Stella, we're here to train for underwater adventures, so we're going to have practising swimming!" Explained Bloom. "Just put it this way, all seven of us are on the beach, taking time off Alfea and Любовь 'n' pet, enjoying the sun..."
"And with your boyfriends!" Continued a familiar...
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posted by cynti19
Here are the powers или spells of Icy:
- Ice Bracelet
- Холодное сердце Prism
- Arctic Blast
- Ice Coffin
- Icicle Fury
- Ice Crusher
- Blizzard
- Ice Hail
- Ice Tower
- Chill Strike
- Frostbite
- Ice Portal
- Icicle Barrage
- Pierce Attack
- Ice Wall

Here are the powers или spells of Darcy:
- Dark Slam
- Remote Witch Slam
- Clouds of Darkness (Gloomix version)
- Cosmic Witcher
- Perfect Darkness (Gloomix version)
- Teleportation
- Transformation
- Illusion Dillusion (Disenchantix version)
- Optical Darkness (Gloomix version)
- Pauser Hex (Gloomix version)
- Duplication
- Total Darkness (Gloomix version}

Here are the powers или spells...
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posted by Amber0639
Fire Arrow
Heart of the Dragon
Force of Light- Helps humans believe in fairies
Fire Ball
Dragon Furry
Heat Flare
Dragon Holocaust
Dragon Twister
Flame Shield
Flame Burst
Flaming Armor
Dragon Inferno
Dragon Rage
Flame Strike
Flaming круг Assault
Enchantix Dragon Sphere
Enchantix Flame Burst
Dragon Heart
Strength of Light- Healing Spell
Super Nova
Dragon Wing
Dragon Sphere
Inner Flame- Sophix
Ice Flame- Lovix
Ice Wall- Lovix
Frozen Dart- Lovix

Soler Storm
Solar Dance
Rising Sunburst
Solar Wind- Solaria Ring
Solar Sweeper- Ring
Sun Burst
Double Eclipse
Sun Shield
Enchantix Solar Sphere
Sunbeam Shower
Ocean of Light...
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posted by limited9906
In one summer evening...
Bloom:oh sky isn't this great we're spending our whole summer together I'm so happy about this aren't you?
Sky:well technically not all summer I got some other things I need to do too....
Bloom:really like what??
Sky:umm I gotta go see some of my Друзья that are girls see my friend zendaya is having a whole summer party so I gotta go to her house for the whole summer...maybe Далее summer...
Bloom:ok then I'll see u in 2 months bye....
At zendaya's house...
Everyone : omg zendaya your party is awsome
BFF of zendaya:hey look its your boyfriend
Zendaya : oh Эй, sky i mean babe...
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