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posted by Princess-Flora
Inspired by the song Outside Looking IN by Jordan Pruitt.

Most people ignored me because I wasn’t like the rest of them. Everyone was so outgoing and in fashion, but even though I knew the trends I was always ignored. I was on the outside of the group ever since that rumor spread like wildfire. I was now my own best friend. It was sad to think a person I used to call my best friend turned on me. I remember that день like yesterday.
I was walking in the hall to my class when I overheard my five best Друзья talking. They were talking about me and how I always brought them down in fights because...
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posted by yasmin124
im not going to be on Fanpop on sundays because i go to a club every sunday i do a club every sunday on ggg gogirl games it's a Кошки club if Ты wanna Присоединиться in then go on www.gogirlsgames.com Присоединиться it its so simple btw add me im yasminrocks124 and Ты can be part of the club im not forcing u though
i will miss Ты all Fanpop is friendly

and btw i want to ask Ты guys a Вопрос

do Ты Любовь Кошки ?


and why do Ты like them

i like Кошки cause there soft and sweet Ты and a other Вопрос who's ur favourite winx and why ? me Flora cause shes sweet Ты

ok bye for now miss Ты all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
posted by Princess-Flora
Past Chapters
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-----Helia’s p.o.v
I woke up earlier than normal. I got and kissed my wife’s forehead as she continued to sleep. I decided to get ready since my parents were coming over today along with my grandfather and Ms. Faragonda. My parent already knew but our two past school leaders did...
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posted by florajames
hi guyes florajames here and im here to tell Ты when my new storys are up so Ты aas Ты know my laptop has broken and im doing this in school and so becasuse i have no computer my story of nature and the hallow scare new episode will be up every monday and wednesday and maybe saturday by 4;00 i hope Ты can understand my situation but on the 26 of october my birthday im getting a new laptop so as soon as i get one i will be able to post еще storys i hope Ты understand my situation and how i do most of my posting on my phone или school computer the Далее chapter may be up by saturday so untill then i wish Ты all the best
plz do not change
i Любовь Ты guyes
Любовь and hope
ps if your entering my compertion plz awnsa my Вопросы on the other artical
thanx you
Kind of an early Хэллоуин thing; vampire Icy. Why? Because every fandom seems to have at least one vampire fic.

Pale and cold.

Void of a soul.

Icy sat herself upon a velvet cousin sofa. It was dark out now, the moon invading the room from the Космос in the curtains. She shifted slightly allowing herself to place a glass upon the nearest table. Crimson liquid dribbled from the rim, the droplet adorning the polished oak.

She was awaiting a guest. The man was a fool to take her up on any offer, much less one that put him alone in a room with her.

Each and every one of them had been foolish.

Each and...
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posted by Princess-Flora

My older sister lit the огонь place in the back room to keep us warm since she put out the one in the living room. I watched her sit Далее to the огонь so I did the same as I gathered my long ballroom юбка to sit on the carpet floor. She sighed and looked at the огонь before looking at me and telling me about the legend I never heard. Flora сказал(-а) The legend is something the people in the kingdom have believed in for centuries. However only few believed in this ancient legend until twenty two years ago, this was the same год I was born. Now what caused everyone to believe in it was my welcoming...
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“So what exactly happened before Ты guys found me?” Tecna asked.
“Okay, we found out who had kidnapped you. They blackmailed the nurse into giving Ты to them. Flora used the voice of nature to track them in the forest. Then a bunch of lightning bolts came from no where and when they stopped Flora was missing but we found you.” Stella сказал(-а) quickly.
Tecna nodded slowly.
“Where would they take Flora to anyway?” Aisha asked.
“Well, they really didn’t want Ты guys to find out. And if Flora was the one ‘Successfully’ tracking them then she was ruining their plans. So I’d imagine...
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hi guyes,
so as Ты all are aware ive had a compertion on for quite some time now and im just reminding Ты that Далее friday the 22 of november is the closeing дата and then on Ты will not be able to Отправить any fanictions.
ive ad a quite a few awsome entris еще then i aspected wich is good in away
rember i hast to be a flora and helia adventure story like my nature and the bady and part of nature amd the hallow scare which i will continue tomorrow things have been a bit hectic at Главная cause most of Ты know i have adhd dislecia and family troubles that ehy it hard for me and also i do my stories...
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posted by princesskavya12
Winx are fighting the three ancestral witches and the trix in Domino
Blooms P.O.V (point of view)
“I won’t let Ты win, for my parents and planet.” I say angrily while shooting a огонь ball at the trix. Darcy dodge while icy and stormy hit the ground. Other girls, specialist, Daphne, Mrs. Faragonda, Mrs. Griffin and Mr. Saladin are fighting with the ancestral witches. Darcy shoots daggers at me “you won’t succeed this time.” I dodge them and while I and Darcy are fighting Icy and Stormy come back. “We’ll see that, Dragon огонь cage” I say and shoot a mega огонь cage trapping the...
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posted by hita1234
Winx club,we all are familiar with this word very well.this is not only the name of a TV program for me but it is like a отдых, буфет which makes me feel relaxed .Winx club has become a part of my daily routine since I was very young.In India,there are a no.of people who do not even know that what is.They do not know what is about.I hope that with the help of this Фан club of winx club,we will be able to increase the membership of winx club Фан club.We will try our best to make еще and еще people to know about the winx.

Chapter 7

Meeting The Stranger

New день it is and unfortunately it’s my birthday. I сказал(-а) “unfortunately” because I haven’t celebrated by birthday since 9 years and that because of the incident happened with me. I remember when I was young I used to cut the cake with Mumma. And so I missed it a lot. I remember I had a best friend and at that time my Друзья used to be mostly boys because I was tomboy and I used to hate girly and sassy thingies and probably because I always saw that and dangerous things attracted me always this was the reason that I never became good friend of girls when...
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 Layla (Aisha): In her normal outfit for season 2
Layla (Aisha): In her normal outfit for season 2
Hello again! ; ) Everyone of course, probobly loved my earliest work on Musa! Hoped Ты like that one and now- for the Далее one on, (Drumroll! :D) Layla (Aisha)! Princess of Andros! Hope Ты like this one! ; )



Layla (Aisha) is the most active and sport loving girl in the Winx group. She was born on the 15th of June, and is the princess of her Главная realm Andros. Her parents are one of the girls parents who we see pretty commonly in the seasons. (3rd season especially)

Layla is Друзья with all the girls, but is quite close to Flora. Througout...
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sorry not posed in a while been busey with school and my brother ill in hospital so that dosent help but here it is chapter 15
in case Ты forgot

all of the sudden a hollogram of krystal pop up
"hahahah i guess u are all here and wondering what going on well u see we have captured helia and are going to kill him"
"nooooo!" сказал(-а) flora
"oh shut up цветок fairy anyway u have 4 days for flora to surrender или helia will die and your probly wondering who helped me well have u met my new friends"said krystal as her Друзья appered
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 ^Icon by Princess-Flora^
^Icon by Princess-Flora^
Rated O for Opinion.

I called this Quick Take because it is super short as there isn’t too much I want to say about this topic. *Sigh* So Iginio had this little 3 день airing marathon last week and aired the last few episodes of season 7. Yea it was in Italian but Ты don’t need words to see that Daphne and Thoren got married. I need to do a take on this like now. So here we go.

I honestly can’t believe that they did that. They met less then like two weeks ago. And even if it was like 2 или 3 months since that was how long we’ve been waiting for these episodes pretty much. That still would...
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posted by xXmeemoXxx

Flora rushed up to go surprise Helia with a back hug . But she stopped halfway . What she saw surprised her . Krystal and Helia were HUGGING . Then right before Krystal left , Helia kissed her ! Flora gasped at the shock of her boyfriend cheating on her !
Flora was about to walk over to Helia , when a familiar guy walked past her . She looked at the guy and then looked back at Helia , but he was gone .
Later that день , Flora called Helia many times, but all she got...
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 stella waking up
stella waking up

bloom: stella wake up!
stella: *yawn* bloom? what's the matter?
bloom: let's go shopping!
stella: huh?
bloom: what do Ты mean by "huh"? Ты Любовь shopping!
stella: yeah but it's morning
bloom: so? come on let's go!
stella: ....... ok


bloom: all right now wear your outfit and meet me at the frutti Музыка bar
stella: ok


stella: huh? where's bloom? where's everyone?
everyone: surprise! happy birthday stella!
stella: huh?!
musa: it's your birthday! remember?
stella: what? oh yeah i remember now. wow thank Ты guys!
flora: actually, it's not us that planned the party...
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posted by Winxlove
Дрянные девчонки
Mean Girls
Hey!As Aurie Опубликовано some Winx songs lyrics,I'm going to post and me some.Because...why not?
Let's start!


Since they tell Ты that you're ugly,
Mean girls gonna make Ты cry.
Take your homework, slam your makeup,
Then they're gonna steal your guy.
Spread some gossip, steal your locker,
Tell Ты "You're a loser, nerd"
Humiliate, eviscerate, uh
That's why they lead the herd.

Mean girls are popular,
Mean girls are cool,
Mean girls are icy cold,
That's why the mean girls rule.

Kick your booty,
Trash your rep,
Mean girls always put Ты down,
Dis your hair,
Shame your outfit,
Then they run Ты outta town.

Mean girls are popular,
Mean girls cool,
Mean girls are icy cold,
That's why the means girls rule.

Mean girls, mean girls...

Even if it's too old,we still like season 1 songs,don't we?
Далее Статья with another song lyrics!

P.S:This song is of TRIX.
 Trix laughing...to death XD
Trix laughing...to death XD
posted by iwatchthestars
 My Любовь for Ты will never be BROKEN !
My Love for you will never be BROKEN !
Bloom: Lets go to the библиотека quickly !
Musa: Lets take our time Bloom,
Tecna: Yeah, why do we need to hurry?
Bloom: we have to hurry because im getting really sleepy
Layla: Yeah, lets hurry
Karel: ....
Flora: *Sleeping*...
Piff: pattota? PATOOT !
Karel: queit... little one. go back to sleep
*Piff flies away*
Karel: Good.
*Piff goes back with the other pixies and sees Karel holding Flora in his arms about to leave the window*
Tune: what do Ты think Ты are doing with Flora, mister Karel !
Karel: thats not gonna happen
Amore: he's doing it for Любовь <3
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Эй, everyone! So a user on here Опубликовано a Форум that supposedly contained information on season six and future episodes (You can check it out link). No one seemed to have прокомментировал(-а) on it, and I can't blame them; the entire thing was in Italian! But, I decided to check it out, and translate it for Ты all so we can enjoy the latest news on season six (Let's hope my Spanish can help me out here).

First I'll start off by introducing two new characters: Eldora and Acheron. Here's what they wrote;


"Although she presents herself as a woman who is odd and a big clumsy, in reality, Eldora, the...
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 Tecna: In her normal outfit for Season 4
Tecna: In her normal outfit for Season 4
Hi everyone! : ) I was bored and decided that I was going to write a small series of information on all of the Winx girls! Ты may think this may be boring but it actually isn't! (The girls surprisingly have very interesting backgrounds.) Today, I will start with information on Tecna and then Flora and so on and so forth. This was my little introduction on I hope Ты like it! ; )



Tecna was born on the 16th of December and is the princess of the planet Zenith (Third Vector of the Binary Galaxy in RAI English) Her parents are the king and queen...
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