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This Клуб Винкс фото contains аниме, комиксы, манга, анимационные фильмы, комикс, мультфильм, and книга комиксов.

posted by Winxlove
 Друзья are the mostly cost treasure!
Friends are the mostly cost treasure!
(Hey,we are in 2010,be this год such a nicely,sucessfully,happiness year!But now,let's start with the final part of the gift...)

*the winx Flora,Musa,Layla,Tecna*
Musa:Alright,that's enough!I gonna find Bloom and Roxy,do Ты come или no!
Layla:Musa,come on,wait and just a little bit!
Flora:Musa has right!Bloom and Roxy could be in trouble!
Tecna:Let's go find them!
Layla:Oh,girls,I'm so tired!
Flora:And Ты will give up?You strong girl,great dancer and many others that makes Ты unice,you will give up?!
Layla:No,I'm not give up,just I want to stand and a little bit.
Tecna:Oh,come on!We have to find...
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 Bye and thanks,
Bye and thanks,
(After Musa,Flora and Tune and Chatta r staying at the clinic,Riven decides to tell her the truth after she recovers.......

AFTER 2 WEEKS.......
Tecna:I miss the guys....
Layla:Me too.If Bloom was not here i would be lonely and alone cause Flora,Tune,Musa and Chatta r at the clinic.
Bloom:Lets hope Musa is good.
-Bloom's phone rings.The conversation.....
Nurse:Yes,indeed.I called to tell u Musa has recovered and u can take her home.
Nurse:Yes,my dear.Flora takes good care of her.Allright,i have to go.Come to the clinic right...
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posted by iwatchthestars
 Im not a dancer, but its not illegal to wear one.
Im not a dancer, but its not illegal to wear one.
(Flora calls Bloom)
Bloom: Hello?
Flora: Hi Bloom,
Bloom: Oh ! Hi Flora, wats up? Any news about Tecna?
Flora: Yes, she's here with us.
Bloom: Really? can I speak with her?
Flora: ummm... i dont think she wants to.
Bloom: Huh? Why?
Flora: ... Just come here now. Tecna's not really herself. Bye.
*Flora ends call*
Stella: Who was it?
Bloom: it was Flora... she wants us to go back to Alfea now!
Layla: Did something bad happen to Tecna?
Bloom: I think so. Flora didnt sound good.
Stella: Then lets go!
*They Leave*
*To Flora, Musa and Tecna*
Flora: Bloom and the others are coming here already.
Musa: Did Ты tell them?...
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posted by iwatchthestars
 Любовь is worth the fall <3
Love is worth the fall <3
(part 7..)

Helia: Flora, are Ты alright?
Flora: Oh Helia ! *sniff*
*Flora falls to Helia's arms*
Helia: Its ok, im here.
*Helia brushes flora's hair*
Helia: Who was that guy Flora?
Flora: ....
Helia: Flora?
Flora: No one. just a nobody.
Helia: ...
Bloom: So Ты were the one who did all that?
*Karel, already told the story... obviously*
Musa: How could you?
Tecna: thats isnt very nice.
Stella: Its absurd !
Karel: I-I didnt mean to do it. I just like her alot.
Layla: Well, she doesnt like you. and that means Ты cant be with her.
Karel: But let me ask Ты girls a Вопрос (he said...
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(Sfter riven confesses his truth the girls get еще angry and sad.Even Flora bursts out saying......

Flora:Why did u do this to her?She was ur love.U made ur Любовь come to the path of death.U have a strange way of Показ ur love!!!!
Helia:Calm down,Flora.U know he has always been like this.
Flora:If i lose my best friend.........
Sky:Flora,Riven is worthless.Calm down.
Brandon:By the way dude,why did u say u did not like her?U Любовь her don't u?
Riven:Ya,but i thought if she knew the truth she would never talk to me again.
Helia:U should have known the truth before u hurted her.
Riven:Ya,but if i knew...
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posted by CyD12
Bridgette: finally we are here in magix!
Elizabeth: it wasnt that long...
Bridgette: i know but i cant wait to go and shopping!
Megan: i thought we are going to eat something...
Rosella: we are...
Bridgette: but first some shopping!
Ariel: no, lets go eat first and then we go to the stores..
Haze: i agree with Ariel...
Bridgette: fine, lets eat something...


Bridgette: Эй, look!
Megan: what?
Bridgette: over there! some specialists!
Elizabeth: oh yeah, they are students of red fountain...
Bridgette: we should go and talk to them...
Ariel: i dont know...
Haze: yeah, we better stay here......
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 I am Musa!
I am Musa!
(As usual Musa was dreaming about Riven and her.She dreams she and Riven on a romantic лодка date.She was soooo happy she kept rolling until she fell from her bed.She saw the dream at 6 in the morning.)

Musa:I had the cutest dream ever!
Bloom:Really,what was it about?
Musa:Me and Riven on a romantic дата on a.......
Musa:How did u know?U were not in my dream.
Bloom:Musa,u always dream about u and Riven.U always tell us about them.
Musa:Ya,i Любовь my dreams.
Layla:U Любовь ur dreams или do u Любовь Riven?
Musa:I Любовь Riven too!
Flora:U really like him don't u?
Musa:More than...
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posted by iwatchthestars
(kay... part 3 :) as promised, it will be long.)

*layla's room*
Layla: *sniff* flora's leaving... and im not really that close to the other winx.. and musa has to work overnight at the library.. i guess ill be lonely this pass week... :(
*flora goes in*
Flora: layla, sweetie, whats wrong?
Layla: nothing.....
Flora: please... tell me whats wrong.
Layla: Flora.. Ты know that im not really that close to stella, we are just so opposite ! Bloom and Musa have to work overtime because its summer... and Ты know that I cant really keep up with Tecna talking about her gadgets and saying stuff that makes my...
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