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This Клуб Винкс фото contains аниме, комиксы, манга, анимационные фильмы, комикс, мультфильм, and книга комиксов.

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 Let's go shopping!
Let's go shopping!
~The Далее день when the Winx are waking up, they each find an invitation under their door~
Flora: It's an invitation to Musa's birthday party!
Bloom: Tomorrow night from 7:00 pm to 11:30 pm.
Layla: Great! But where's Musa?
Tecna: She texted me and сказал(-а) that she and Riven are decorating the place for the party. She doesn't want us coming because she wants to surprise us.
Stella: In that case, there's only one thing to do... Shopping!

~At the mall~
Stella: Look girls. I found us some of cute dresses!
Flora: Wow! They're all beautiful! I'm getting this one.
Tecna: This one looks cute.
Layla: I'll get that...
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Sweet fragranced Цветы looming over shiny balconies, the sun lighting up the landscape, momumental buildings, Gardinia sure is beautiful in the summer. Everybody loved it, including Roxy,
partly because her new Друзья the winx lived in Roxy's humble town and see could visit them in their pet store almost every day. Riding along on her neon green bike, she reached the awesome Магазин marked as "Love and pet.", Roxy leaned her bike on the Стена and paced into Любовь and pet with her loyal dog, Artu. "Winx, it's me Roxy!" Called Roxy but there was no reply. She and her dog peered around trying to...
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 Fella and Lemmy
Fella and Lemmy
So for being late but i had many test and i ad many thigns to learn for this days

The rise of tritannus

In the first scene we can see the Winx performing the benefic концерт . Bloom the singer. Flora ,Stella and Musa were playing the гитара .Tecna the electric Пианино ( I don’t know who to call it ) and Layla the drums . They were wearing new outfits . I personally think the rock outfits from season 4 were better . Kiko was their too . After one song Bloom сказал(-а) something like : “Thanks for being here “ . Then Bloom sang a new song that I think it called ‘The Power to change the world...
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season 5
episode 26
the end of tritannus
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Tom and Riven started to fight each other, and then the boys came to the rescue. Sky try to push Riven apart,and Brad to Tom.

Sky: Riven stop!!
Riven: He's not gonna get away with this, Ты don't touch my girlfriend ever again или I will..
Brad: What? What Ты gonna do about?
-Musa stepped in-
Musa: Nobody is gonna do something. I'm tired of Ты Riven, I'm tired of Ты treating me like Ты want
-Musa сказал(-а) screaming and letting the tears came down-
Riven: That's not true Musa, I... I Любовь you
-Then the police arrived-
Police: What is happening here young boys?
Musa: Fighting for non-sense that's all
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 The new winx!Lisa,Sunshime,Angelica,Rosena,Siobhan,Faina,Terra+The New Trix Kristina,Sabbra,Liana!!!!
The new winx!Lisa,Sunshime,Angelica,Rosena,Siobhan,Faina,Terra+The New Trix Kristina,Sabbra,Liana!!!!
-----(Hope u enjoy------

(The girls r now quite shocked but not Lisa,she was yelling)

Lisa;No way!That's not possible.
Ms Faragonda;But it is!So u might as well expect it!
Ms Faragonda;I am sorry,nothing to do.

(Just then their moms appear)

Stella;Girls,what r u doing here?
Musa;Girls,tell me straight what happened.
Lisa;Wait,is it not u whu shud be talking?
Lisa;Enough,now talk!
Terra:About this whole magic dimension thingy!!!!
Faina:U thought u cud hide it from us........
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