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posted by florajames
Do I look ok Stella? Perfect. Stella helped her pick out the dress, shoes and did her makeup. She left her hair down.Flora was wearing a Green trim on вверх and bottom and розовый in the middle knee length dress. A green head band with a blood red rose on the side, matching earrings too. Then there was a knock. I'll get it сказал(-а) Bloom as she opened the door and Helia came inside cringing a bundle of red, pink, and white Розы for Flora. Then Flora came out and saw Helia, he looks handsome in his dress clothes. Helia was wearing a black tux and black pants.

Helia's Pov.She looks so beautiful.
No Pov....
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So a week назад I started Опросы to see which Дисней character was most like each Winx Club member. So with thanks to LoveBaltor I have been able to figure out the princesses each girl will be in the fairy tale challenge. So this is a little overview of each princess each Winx will get in the story. Also I will post the Комментарии from each Опрос and the percentages from each too.
Bloom: she will be Snow White because she over shines her best Друзья the dwarves and talks about true Любовь and a Prince Charming. Which is similar to Bloom...
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The winx lined up on the lined and waited for the witches to pick 7 to go against them. About 3 минуты later they were ready. They blew a air horn and they took of. Around the rank 3 times.

~3rd lap~
Tecna was neck and neck in the lead with one of the witches. She could hear the rest of the winx cheering for her and the witches behind her chanting "Fall, fall, fall, fall!" The witch Далее to her knew she wasn't going to fall anytime soon. She pushed Tecna toward the Стена then kept skating. The witches cheered but the winx stopped and checked out on Tecna. She was out cold.
"She must have hit her...
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posted by Princess-Flora
-------------------------------------------------------------Helia’s p.o.v-------------------------------------------------------------
I hear the sound of my alarm clock tell me it’s time to get up. I quickly turn it off and head to my bathroom to get change and then head off to meet Flora. I reach for the door knob nervously and as I touch it I feel my сердце start to race and my hands моллюск up. I walk fast towards the elevator not wanting to stop to talk to anyone for fear of being late to see Flora. I press the down button for the elevator and wait for the колокол, колокольчик, белл to let me know it’s here....
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posted by laylafly
4Kids Winx Opening
Close your eyes
close you're eyes
And open your heart.
Believe in yourself,
That's how it starts!

Dreams will come true,
Just wait and see,
'Coos the magic's in you,
And the magic's in me!

We are the Winx!
We are the Winx!
Come Присоединиться the club!
We are the Winx!
We are the Winx!
We are the Winx!
Come Присоединиться the club!
We are the Winx!

Magical flowers,
Digital powers,
Rhythms and tunes,
The sun and the moon!
Keep on searching far and wide,
For the огонь burning deep inside!
We've got the style,
And we've got the flare,
Look all Ты want,
Just don't touch the hair!

We are the Winx!
We are the Winx!
Come Присоединиться the club!
We are the Winx!
We are the Winx!
We are the Winx!
Come Присоединиться the club,
We are the Winx!
Winx Club are back! Now they'll have to reach the Believix level, a new transformation that grant the ability to make someone believe in magic. In addition, Believix also gives 3 additional wings to make the form еще powerful: Speedix (speed enhancement), Zoomix (teletransportation), and Tracix (travel through time). They will also meet the Wizards of the Black Circle, a group of villains who are after the last fairy on Earth, in order to gain full power. Winx Club will have to find her protect her from the the Wizards, but they have to go unnoticed. In order to live on Earth, they will open...
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posted by Winxlove
continue from last part...

Sophie:I can't believe this!Ugh!!She will pay for that!

*pet shop*

Bloom:I'm worried about Stella.She is so angry with Sophie!
Flora:Yeah,we have to do something before they kill themselves...
Flora:I was joking...haha!!
Musa:It's not funny,girls.Maybe this thing is true.
Layla:I don't believe...Stella wants her life,she isn't stupid...
Bloom:I have a plan...

*to stella*

Stella:Oh,Ginger,I don't know what to do!Uf!I don't know,it's just a...whatever.


Tecna:I'm going!
Musa:Bloom,can I go with Tecna?
Bloom:Of course,this is for Stella,not...
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posted by iwatchthestars
OHMYGOODNESS. Sorry for the long wait! I was on a trip... :D

Bloom: What do Ты mean, timmy?
Layla: How is she in trouble?
Timmy: She is being controlled by the Trix!
Musa: Well? lead us to where Ты were locked up!
Timmy: OK!
Flora: The plants here are so sad!
Stella: This is deifinitely the TRIX's place
Timmy: I was able to write down where they were going!
Layla: Where is it?
*Timmy explained and they went to magix then to the rock and into the portal*
Bloom: Where are we?
Stella: Im not sure... but Im sure that Flora knows everything about history...
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