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 Lovix Wallpaper.
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So I just realized I never Опубликовано this and the Опрос series ended a while назад so sorry for the delay on this one. Also remember this is my opinion and fellow fanpoppers so let's not have any hate или call someone's opinion out just because it's different. thank you. Also the Комментарии I include are those of who voted for the transformation that was eliminated that round.
Round 1: Sophix
Sophix was eliminated in the first round with 47% of the votes. Honestly no surprise here for a lot of fans. Probably because this transformation was used for...
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At The night in Alfea


Musa:Stop it u jerk im trying to sleep...
Boy:Musa Open it up!
Boy:Musa open it...
The Boy was slapped by the door when musa is opening the door.
Musa:Ok what is the, who are you?
Boy:Iam Chris your new boyfriend!
Chris:plzz stop.
Musa:Oh ok then...WTH!WTH!WTH!WTH!
Chris:Let's go to the park...
Musa:No Way!i got homework!
Chris:Ok then..
Musa throw Chris away..
In the Morning
Stella:So Musa how did it go?
Musa:How did it go what?
Stella:You know...Chris..
Musa:What?! Ты set this up?
Stella:Of Course i did Chris is...
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I really like all the transformations, but this is my вверх five.

1. Sirenix

So I saw many Sirenix haters, but what's the problem with Sirenix? It's really beautiful. I like the hairstyles and I also like how their hair get highlights. I might hate the pants which make them look like athletics, but it looks beautiful like rainbows. I like the accessories on Aisha/Layla's Sirenix, the 3D is really hated by me because they look like Барби dolls! But what's the problem with Sirenix?! Fellow Sirenix...
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Disclaimer: This video does not belong to me it belongs to WinxHoney12.
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