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 Winx Harmonix ~ Обои
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posted by Eula2003

>My suggestions for a year...as shiny as the sun!

Birthday: August 18th

Astrological sign: Mermaid

Favourite colour: Green

Hobby: Shopping and organizing pijama parties!

Ideal boyfriend: Beautiful and full of muscles... and supersweet like Brandon!

Best friend: Bloom!!!

Избранное movies: Comedies! Nothing is better than a laugh!
I like
Dressing super fashion and giving fashion tips

Избранное music: Pop music

Избранное magic: Moon Ray!

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posted by florasedge31
*sorry it took me so long to update. see in February the house Далее door to me caught on fire. so they tore that house down and they had to redo the interior of my house on May 31st they finished the house and we moved back. But when we moved we didn't have any internet so we had to wait for verison to come. But let's get to the good stuff READING!!*

Stella had a yellow sphere in her hand she трещина, сплит it into 2 and threw it at Bloom and Flora. They both got hit in the stomach which made them scream (muffled by tape though). She did the same thing but right before she threw the 3rd ball,
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