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 Layla Linphix
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So lots of people are complaining about Bloom being always the main character, taking the spotlight always away, I was еще than happy to see that the season 4 wasn't all about her again.

But now, now that is coming season 5 this are my opinions that I would really like to see in this new season.

First of all, I hope Bloom isn't the main character again U_U Come on, it has being all about her, she found out that she was adopted, shes always in problems, every bad guy wants her powers, she found out she was a princess, she has a boyfriend who now is the King of Uraklion (Am I right?), her and...
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it was freshman год at alfeya collage and a young, taned girl was walking to her locker where she got destracted by here best friend aisha
"hey flora"
"hey aisha hows things going"
aisha lookes away to reveal krystal and her gang comeing
"hey flora watch out krystal and her demonds are comeing"
soudenly krystal apeares behined them and startled them
"hey look who here the nature loving freak, she is just who i wanted to see, ive heard that Ты was hanging out with my boyfriend so what do Ты have to say about that then" krystal сказал(-а) with her fist in anger
flora looked scared then krystal orded her Друзья to go bet up flora up but before they could a young, darkhead boy apered behind them.

sorry for short chapter new at this Далее one longer but thanx for reading
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"helia i know it sad but we can save her if the winx say the spell of life and u give the Kiss of life u can save her" сказал(-а) professsa s
"thanx grandad" сказал(-а) helia
the winx had now return and was saying the spell
what now that has been good and Остаться в живых
that is dead not alive
bring back to us еще then just alive
helia had now started to give the Kiss of life to flora saying these few words
come back to us flora

florafluttered her eyes open to reveal her eye colour had change it was not an enmarled green anymore it was a light pink...
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