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 Layla Tynix
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This Клуб Винкс Фан-арт might contain букет, букетик, posy, букетик цветов, корсаж, букетом, роза, розоватость, and розовый.

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 The Храбрая сердцем and amazing fairy, Bloom
The brave and amazing fairy, Bloom
It was a lovely день at alfea, the sky was clear, the sun was shining and the Цветы were in full bloom. But unfortunately it wasn't a nice день for Bloom, as she had no one to talk to.Stella had just left for her Главная planet . Layla, Musa and Techna had gone to attend the special magic class they had signed up for.Flora had gone to her homeplanet and Bloom really wished Roxy was there, she didn't want the vacations to be boring. And the worst part was, the girls would only arrive after 2 days. Why did she ever decide to stay at alfea for the vacations in the first place? She could have gone...
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